Home News Inflation is biggest challenge than holding elections – Sharjeel Memon

Inflation is biggest challenge than holding elections – Sharjeel Memon

Inflation is biggest challenge than holding elections – Sharjeel Memon

Sindh Information Minister blames Imran Khan of working on the agenda of enemy countries

Hyderabad Sindh

Sindh Minister for Information, Transport and Mass Transit Sharjeel Inam Memon said on Thursday that inflation is the biggest challenge faced by the country than holding the elections.

Addressing a press conference at Rawal House Hyderabad he said that it was important how the country deals with it.

He said that PTI’s historical incompetence had no precedence in country’s history and added that PTI made promises to the IMF and backed out from them. “In three and half a year’ government of PTI the finance secretary and the governor of the State Bank were changed frequently.”

He said that the PTI government did not impose new taxes because they (PTI government) had seen their departure.

He said that the Sindh government was doing its best to provide every possible relief to the people while the Chief Minister of Sindh not only directed the Provincial Food Minister to expedite the process of wheat procurement but all concerned departments including transport, agriculture had been directed to provide relief to the people.

He informed that Chief Secretary and all the Deputy Commissioners had been directed to ensure price control.

He alleged that Imran Khan under a well-thought-out conspiracy was pushing the country towards chaos and now it had become clear that Imran Khan was working on foreign agenda and for which funding from India and Israel had been confirmed to him some time ago. He said that the PTI government was not removed by court, military dictator or any other means but under the constitution of Pakistan.  “Imran Khan tries to sell a false narrative and spread chaos with the support of enemy countries”, he blamed.

He said that Imran Khan’s slogan was “Why you did not save me?” and added that he (Imran Khan) abused the judiciary and important institutions on social media. He said that the institution which was being criticized today, Imran Khan was the test tube baby of it.

Sindh Minister said that the Election Commission had convicted Imran Khan in money laundering and how could it be that Imran Khan forgot to disclose 17 accounts with no record of funds and when FIA took action he took stay. He added that we (PPP) did not go for stay in a single case and if Imran Khan answered this, he would consider him as an angel.

He said that Imran Khan took a stay in foreign funding and BRT cases and received kickbacks of seven billion rupees and when Peshawar High Court ordered NAB and FIA, then Imran Khan went to the Supreme Court to take a stay. “If Imran Khan was honest then why did he take a stay?” he asked.

He said that every script of Imran Khan was imported which reflects the nefarious designs of some countries.

He informed that those who died in the flood were being given one million rupees by the Sindh government while 2.2 million houses damaged in flood were being constructed by the Sindh government and for that funds were being given to affected people to build their damaged houses themselves. He said that wheat had been imported and the Sindh government was not taking any benefit from it but giving subsidies of billions of rupees to the people. (PR)




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