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JAK to host 10th World Journalists Conference on April 25-26

Journalists from across the globe will participate in 2-day conference being held in Seoul, Korea

The WJC2022 will be held online to deliberate issues of fake news, current status of fact-check, self-regulation and role of journalists in reforming the society.

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The journalists from across the globe will participate online in 2-day World Journalists Conference 2022 on April 25-26 in the Korean capital Seoul to deliver speeches and discuss the agenda that include fact-checking by global journalism, self-regulation and role of journalists in the society.

This is tenth World Journalists Conference, as it is held annually by the Journalists Association of Korea (JAK) since the year 2013.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020, the WJC is held online due to health protocols restricting travel to the Republic of Korea. Previously, the JAK used to arrange week-long tour of about seventy to eighty journalists from sixty countries. The Republic of Korea had been the first country of the world to host such visits for media personnel from around the world for one decade. During the tours, the journalists had been attending various programs including discussions on issues faced by the world.

WJC has served as a unique platform for journalists from all continents to connect and interact while gaining insights into Korea’s culture, lifestyle, peace drive on the Korean Peninsula and the region, achievements and aspirations.

On first day of WJC2022, the theme ‘Status of Fact-Checking by Global Journalism and the Self-Regulation’ will be discussed because of high significance of issue as spread of disastrous misinformation and disinformation has blurred the lines between truth and allegations.

On the second day, presentations will be made on the theme of ‘A Society Changed by Journalists.’

Details of previous nine conference

The first World Journalists Conference was held on April 14-21, 2013 and its theme was ‘Communication and Future of Global Journalism’. It discussed the topics like ‘the era of digital media, what is the media’s tomorrow?’, besides new government’s diplomatic policy, Middle Power Korea’s Public Diplomacy etc.

Participants of World Journalists Conference 2013

The theme of World Journalists Conference 2014 (June 15 – 20) was ‘Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula and Global Journalism’. It deliberated ‘Public Diplomacy in the Global Age’, ‘Situation on the Korean Peninsula and Trustpolitik for Peaceful Unification’, ‘Unification Formulas of the Korean Peninsula and improvement between South Korea and North Korea’, ‘Creative Economy of Korea’ and ‘Disaster of Global Village and Humanism of the Global Media Age’.

“The 70th Anniversary of National Division: Think about Unification on the Korean Peninsula’ was the theme of World Journalists Conference 2015 held on April 12-18. Sessions were held on ‘Changing Regional Order in Northeast Asia and the Future of the Korean Peninsula’, ‘The 70th Anniversary of National Division: Think about Unification on the Korean Peninsula’, ‘Trust Based Diplomacy to Improve Inter-Korean Dialogues’, and Freedom of Press and Safety in Journalism.’

Glimpses of WJC2019

Journalist Forum for World Peace 2016 (April 17 – 23) discussed ‘Denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and the Role of Journalism for World Peace’, presided over by Vice Minister Lim Sungnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korea.

World Journalists Conference 2017 (April 2-8) focused on ‘The Role of the Media for World Peace’ and the session was addressed by Vice Minister, Foreign Affairs Ann Chong-ghee.

World Journalists Conference 2018 debated the ‘Role of Press for Denuclearization of Korean Peninsula and World Peace’ while World Journalists Conference 2019 discussed the’ Role of Journalists in Ensuring Peace on the Korean Peninsula’.  It also held the session on ‘The Current Status of Journalism by Country’.


World Journalists Conference 2021

During the first Covid-19 year, World Journalists Conference 2020 (September 14-16) the agenda was ‘Various Countries’ Examples of Countermeasures to Fake News and The Future of Journalism’, ‘Global Responses to COVID-19 and Disease Control Methods’ and ‘The 70th anniversary of the Korean War and Peace Policy in the Korean Peninsula’. In World Journalists Conference 2021 (April 18-20), the journalists made presentations on ‘The Prospect of Post-COVID Era and the Role of Journalism’ and ‘Global Climate Issues and the Role of Journalism’.

The Journalists Association of Korea, established in 1964, is representative organization having more than 10,000 members from hundreds of media companies. The association has been endeavoring to build on the achievements accomplished for almost six decades by its founders and members.

Lee Sang-ki, the founding President of AJA

The Asia Journalists Association (AJA), an umbrella for journalists across Asia, established in November 2004, had been extending its full cooperation to JAK. Mr. Lee Sang-ki was the founder and first elected President of AJA.



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