Home Crime Jirga settles rape and murder case by imposing fine

Jirga settles rape and murder case by imposing fine

Jirga settles rape and murder case by imposing fine
Jirga at Pir Jo Goth

Jirga, headed by a PML-N leader and held at Committee Hall of Shrine at Pir Jo Goth, asks victim party to withdraw FIR after full payment of fine amount

From Our Correspondent

 Khairpur, Sindh

Jirga, a tribal justice system, working parallel to the country’s judiciary, settled down a case of child who brutally killed by rapists when he offered resistance with fine of 4.5 million compensation.

Reports said that 18 month ago 14 years an old student of 9th class Siddique son of Inam Arejo resident of village Noor Muhammad Arejo near Kingri in District Khairpur was allegedlly abducted away accused Mobeen and Abdul Razak Khaskheli had raped and strangulated him when victim boy offered resistance.

FIR of the incident registered with Pir Jo Goth Police Station and the police had arrested the accused who confessed their sin.

Jirga-Pir-Jo-Goth- Sindh-Courier-1Reports said that on Thursday the parents of the victim boy and the relatives of the rapists accused met at the venue of specifically “Faisla Committee Hall” of Dargah Pir Jo Goth.

PML-F President Taluka Kingri Ghulam Shabbir Ghumro and Sarfaraz Ahmed Bhand, Vice Chairman Municipal Committee Pir Jo Goth after listening to and thoroughly examining the arguments of the pleaders Ali Mardan and Mushtaq Mahar of the victim boy and Dur Muhammad Sangi and Illahi Bakhash Jatoi of the accused party fined Rs.4.5 million against the accused party.

Jirga-Pir-Jo-Goth- Sindh-Courier-2The parties, by accepting the decision, embraced each other while the guilty party paid Rs.200000 and remaining amount will be paid to victim party within 6 months period.

The Jirga also ordered the guilty party of excusing with the aggrieved party and the victims will withdraw from their registered FIR after receiving the fined amount.

It is to be mentioned that the accused are in central Jail Khairpur who had confessed their crime in before the police.



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