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Journey of Life: Time flows like a river

Journey of Life: Time flows like a river

Ignorant people waste their precious time, unable to understand its true value

Time is often likened to a river, because as the river flows, time moves forward regardless of the obstacles in its path. Even when the mountain obstructs the river, it eventually fades, resulting in waves and waves. The same way, human beings are born in this world, they emerge like the pure water of the glacier flowing from the mountains.  The journey of life is full of difficulties, sufferings, pain, fall and sorrow like a river. These challenges are an integral part of human experience. As the water falls from the glacier, flows like a river, and eventually merges into the ocean, humans are born, live their lives, carry memories with them, and eventually end up in death.

In today’s world, many people are not satisfied enough to appreciate the beauty of the setting sun. They are constantly looking for a bright future, but when that future becomes a present, they often fail to fully appreciate it. The pursuit of happiness becomes an endless cycle, because the excitement of achieving the desired goal often ends quickly. Ignorant people waste their precious time, unable to understand its true value.

People are constantly moving, running without a clear destination. They are disconnected from the essence of reality, usurped into worldly pursuits. However, real success and failure are not in worldly successes, but in impact on humanity. These are the people who contribute to the betterment of the society, who work for a great cause, who truly achieve fulfillment and bring about change in the world.

Let’s try to drive the river of time with wisdom and purpose. May we find peace in the beauty of nature, appreciate the present moment, and dedicate ourselves to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Only then can we go beyond the temporary desires of the world and find real success and fulfillment in the journey of life.

Shamis uddin Larik

Naushehro Feroze

Doing bachelors in English literature at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Nawabshah


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