Khairpur Civil Hospital: 4 MSs posted and transferred in a month

Frequent transfer and posting of Medical Superintendents is said to be the result of ongoing tug of war between two influential political houses of Khairpur.

Game of transfer and postings started after the big scam of medicines worth millions of rupees surfaced at the Civil Hospital Khairpur and the inquiry has been dumped since last few months – PMA Khairpur

Sindh Courier Report

Khairpur: The provincial health authorities have transferred and posted four Medical Superintendents (MS) of Khairpur Medical College (KMC) Civil Hospital within a month for unknown reasons however the local political and social circles suggest that frequent transfer postings were the result of ongoing tug of war between the two political houses of the Pakistan Peoples’ Party having their influence in the district.

The two doctors posted as MS here were – Dr. Zahida Soomro and Dr. Mir Muhammed Soomro, both in BS-19, held the office of BS-20 on OPS (Own Pay Scale) but were soon relieved one after one. Later, Dr. Nawab Mahesar (BS-20) was posted as MS but was transferred and on September 18, 2021, Dr. Naseer Muhammad Bozdar assumed the charge. However, to the surprise of people, he too received his transfer order on October 5, 2021. He has been replaced by Dr. Ayaz Ahmed Soomro, Senior Medical Officer (BS-20), who was working as District Health Officer larkano. Dr. Naseer Bozdar has been transferred and posted as Chief Superintendent Medical Officer at Ghulam Muhammad Mahar Medical College Hospital Sukkur.

The competent authority has not mentioned any reason for the transfer in transfer order.

PMA and civil Society of Khairpur were in a shock over the transfers of a four Medical Superintendents of Civil Hospital Khairpur in a month.

Dr. Zaffar Jatoi, General Secretary, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Khairpur chapter criticizing the frequent transfers of MS said that such transfers were purely politically motivated. “Such dirty game of transfer and postings started after the big scam of medicines worth millions of rupees surfaced at the Civil Hospital Khairpur and the inquiry in this matter has been dumped since last few months,” he said.

He said that the frequent transfer of MS is only because of political tug of war going on between the two dominant Houses in Khairpur including Jillani house and Wasan house.

“The PMA not only expresses concern but requests the Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chief Justice of Sindh to take notice of the frequent transfers of four MS within a month, which has never been seen in the history of Sindh,” Dr. Jatoi said.

It is said that the two Medical Superintendents – Dr. Nawab Mahesar and Dr. Naseer Bozdar did not compromise over certain issues related to huge budget of petrol, food supply contract, parking contract and the procurement of the medicines for COVID-19 patients.

Sources said that Dr. Nawab Mahesar and Dr. Naseer Muhammed Bozdar had refused to become party to the huge corruption in Medicine Procurement and Local Purchasing Budget, and had refused to follow the dictations of the political houses.

Sources alleged that the Political houses had also pressurized them to accept the employees posted there on political recommendations and not to raise any objection over their deals in medicine procurement, food contract, parking contract etc. “They were even ordered to follow them or leave the chair,” the sources confided.

In the meantime, some junior but ambitious officers held meeting with ‘political houses’ to get them posted as MS and had assured of following their dictates.

The civil society has viewed that frequent transfer and posting of MS will ruin the Civil Hospital. It also urged for conducting judicial inquiry into alleged irregularities in medicine procurement and other matters.


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