Home Children's Literature Kindness cares and kindness knows – A Short Story for Children

Kindness cares and kindness knows – A Short Story for Children

Kindness cares and kindness knows – A Short Story for Children
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Maria Khushk

Maria Khushk-Sindh CourierMaria Khushk is a freelance writer based in Hyderabad Sindh. She is author of a book titled ‘‘The Cage of Innocence’.

She also contributes articles and stories to Sindh Courier.


Kindness cares and kindness knows

Arshad was a lame and poor boy who earned livelihood by selling newspapers in the main street of the society where Dr. Ahmed, a renowned surgeon and a professor at a well-reputed university, lived. He was not only a reputed doctor but was also known as a kind person.

Dr. Ahmed used to buy newspaper daily from Arshad and wanted to treat him but he waited for the boy to ask him for help. He introduced himself to Arshad, “I am Dr. Ahmed and I work in the main hospital of the city.’ He hoped that the boy will ask for help.

‘Nice to meet you, sir.’

‘Do you need any help from the hospital or me?’

‘No! Sir. Thank you for asking.’

The boy didn’t ask him for help. 

One day Dr. Ahmed himself asked, ‘Would you like me to cure your leg as you run and play like other children?’

‘Sir, I don’t have money for the operation and I’m the only one who earns the bread and butter for my mother. Even if I undergo the operation, my mother will have to starve till I recover.”

‘I’ll do it free for you as you served me a lot.’

‘But sir, you pay daily for the newspaper. It was not free.’

‘I’II do it for you so that you can walk like other children and earn more. We also will look after your mother. Meet me tomorrow in the hospital.’

‘Thank you so much sir. It makes me so happy.’

The next day, boy reached the hospital and they shifted him to the operation theatre. Before anesthesia, the boy wanted to pray and asked for permission. Permission was granted. He prayed aloud, ‘God, grant the doctor a long and happy life ahead as he cures many and saves their lives.’

The words touched Dr. Ahmed’s heart. He thought, “The people pay a handsome amount for the operation but none prayed for him like Arshad.”

The doctor had strange feelings of intense kindness for the boy.


‘Kindness cares and kindness knows, kindness shares and kindness shows’ – the feelings which only that person knows.





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