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Legend of Sindh – Sindhi Food Festival held in Mumbai

Legend of Sindh – Sindhi Food Festival held in Mumbai

Legend of Sindh celebrated the obscure Sindhi flavors; the event was part of efforts to keep alive the distinct identity and culture of Sindhi community.

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Mumbai, India

Sindhi culture has its roots in Sindh, now a part of Pakistan. It belongs to the ancient civilization of the Indus Valley. It is a culture which is rich with history, art and flavors. As any other cultural dynasties of Indian history, the Sindhi culture has a mark of its own. Its cuisine, though influenced by Central Asia, Mughals and Persia, has carved an identity of its own.

Post partition, Hindu Sindhis got scattered across the globe. Their culture and flavors were nearly forgotten. To keep their distinct identity, culture and heritage from being lost to annals of history, there are efforts to keep it alive in mainstream society. Legend of Sindh, a 10-day Sindhi Food Festival at Sofitel Mumbai BKC was one such event.

Sindhi Food Festival- Pondicherry Cafe
Pondicherry Café

Legend of Sindh celebrated the obscure Sindhi flavors. Celebrity Chef Suresh Hinduja, who has roots in the Shikarpur district near the banks of the Indus River, promised to give a glimpse of the little-known style of cooking from the pre-partition days with some traditional recipes being showcased for the first time.

It was a sensory journey through the forgotten, contemporary recipes and a new-age take on the cuisine of one of the largest provinces of undivided India, binding premium elements with top-tier quality in rare recipes and a delectable gastronomic expedition. Rare ingredients such as Lotus Root, Gucchi (Morel Mushrooms), Turnips, and Amritsar Vadis, to name a few, were used for the preparation of the course. Signature dishes like naturally fermented wheat and millet tandoori rotis, Bajra Khichdi with Vadi crumble, Kutiyal Murgh, Chapli kababs, Gathadi (Potli) pickles, Thandai Mousse and Rose centered Gulab Jamuns made a debut to diners in Mumbai.

Sindhi Food Festival
Organizing Sindhi Food Festivals is aimed to keep Sindhi Culture alive.

The festival further flaunted a plethora of live stations serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian Tawa food (TakaTak) and a wood-fired overnight cooked mutton curry station. Suresh Hinduja’s signature cocktail, Sheila Kijwani, which promised to tantalize with its sandalwood and jasmine notes was also served.


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