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Lonely and Indifferent – A Poem from Bengal

Suhina Biswasmajumdar, an eminent poet from Kolkata shares her fresh poem.


Suhina Biswasmajumdar

Suhina Biswas- Sindh CourierA writer from Kolkata, Bengal and a life-long devotee of Swami Vivekananda, Suhina is against any discrimination. Two significant life-forces propel her – ‘love’ and ‘writing’. Suhina’s book ‘Tumi’ (you) and Songs of Silence (A Journey to Love), are collections of her poetic thoughts.



Lonely and Indifferent

These days are long like pythons

 Like panthers are swift and subtle too

Like him lonely and indifferent.  


I surrender and flow

Look forward wish to figure out

Look backward just to feel

And the days are watching

Sometimes swallow, often hunt

Rest of the time haunts me

Like the silent killer kiss my desire

I move….


These days are polite, unlike my friends

Greet me

With bright friendly smile,

Like my foes embrace too with a friendly care.


I love to flow

I’ve to surrender

I wish to survive

Until I greet the day I create for the saplings…


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