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Love songs from the land of Longans – Poetry from Vietnam

Love songs from the land of Longans – Poetry from Vietnam

My homeland connects with rivers, dark red alluvium deposits in the delta

poet Van Dien from Vietnam - pic1Van Dien, an eminent poet from Vietnam, the Land of Blue Dragon, shares his poems

Born in 1958 at his hometown Hung Yen, Vietnam, poet Van Dien is the member of Vietnamese Writers’ Association, Member of Hung Yen Literature and Arts Association and Deputy Director of Vietnamese Literary Copyright Center. He is author of 3 poetry collections.

nhan-long-hung-yen-16378346353251844057856-1638009216LOVE SONGS FROM THE LAND OF LONGANS

My homeland connects with rivers

Dark red alluvium deposits in the delta

Green vitality hidden in the sediment

The larks hover with the nostalgia of my childhood


My homeland with inspirational legends

The poor boy buries himself in his heart sand

The princess tearfully weaves immortality

For love to find her in the following thousand years


The trace of reeds is imprinted on my homeland

The cradle of talented writers and generals

Does the alluvium create the legends?

Sacred soul of the heroic land in the spring


My homeland, its resplendent name “Phố Hiến”

“Vạn Lai Triều”, a marketplace with Kinh Kỳ

Xích Đằng Temple of Literature – Nguyệt Lake’s coteries of writers

Flying storks singing poetic songs


My homeland since you left

Above the tiled roof, urbanization and tall buildings

Many factories next to flowery rice fields

Drifting the rich scents of lotus and longans in spring


Tomorrow you come back to my homeland of light

Like a tree accumulates resin in winter… changing

Sunshine at dawn of peace and prosperity

Holding hands we live in happiness and wealth


“Phố Hiến” - Hung Yen Vietnam
“Phố Hiến” – Hung Yen Vietnam


Walking in spring square

Crystal blue sky with strong winds

In the vast alluvial Northern region

Many rivers meet at the mouth of the sea

To create prosperous Phố Hiến


Proudly gathered from all four directions

Heroic songs – Eternal academics

Natural places with trace of timeless love

Đa Hòa echoing its songs forever

“Cửa Ngọc – Tòa Vàng” with hundreds of monuments

Flowing down the stream of quintessential arts


Oh my legendary Hưng Yên

Full of lotus fragrance and sweet logans from home

Making progress every day

This country gives wings to our distant dreams

Our homeland is waiting for us with open arms…


xich_dang_temple_of_literatureSPRING IN PHỐ HIẾN

Spring sunlight is like a golden silk strip

Shining through the gaps in delightful leaves on a green day


The sounds of birds picking up sunshine from the branches

Calling the dreamy wind and blue sky


The silhouette of someone from a long time ago

Still that pair of eyes brightened by the spring hue


Willows hesitantly falling on Nguyệt Lake

A school of fish splashing on the water surface


The golden sunlight is like a strip of silk

The dikes of Phố Hiến calls for spring.



I love my hometown city

Hưng Yên, a land of alluvial soil


Buttery lotus seeds and sweet longans deeply imprinted

Countryside gifts lingering gently for a thousand year


The ancient Temple of Literature along the dike

The land of studying and a hundred ways of trade


Quiet temple filled with incense

Beautiful green streets, flying stork wings carrying love


Nguyệt Lake waves with poetry

Flowery path reveals the moon and stars


The bridge in a deposit of folk

Phố Hiến’s deep notes resound from time to time

Festival colors along the river

The joyful folk singing alongside drums fills up the sky


I love my hometown city

Tomorrow Hưng Yên will gain a reputation from afar.


d43a6aaa8284f64d3SONG OF YOUR HOMETOWN

I came to your hometown

On the banks of the Cái River

The green dike stretches away

Forever embracing the warm soul of the countryside


An alluvial land

Smooth young corns’ slopes

Golden rice fields laden with spikelets

A herd of chubby cows walk freely

Fluttering drongo birds

A picture of the peaceful countryside


A vestigial countryside

Of Lạc’s children and Hồng’s grandchildren

Come here to build up a new realm

Bronze drums and ancient boats

Under the ground of Nguyễn Village

The sacred soul resonates endlessly


Your homeland is “Vàng Cave”

Is “The pearly land of elegant people”

Is faithfulness

“The people of gratitude”, Nghĩa Dân

A glass of strong wine from Trương Xá

Drunk with love for the homeland


The land you love

Through many storms and floods

Still peaceful

Many months and days of war

Still keeps it green forever

The song of heroic land


Kim Động, your hometown

Spring festival opening day

Building a modern countryside

Your beautiful and prosperous homeland.

My dear!

(Translated into English by Tran Quynh Hoa)


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