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Mother and the Moon – A Poem from Korea

Mother and the Moon – A Poem from Korea

My mother appeared in my dream last night

Ah Young Lee Poetess Korea Sindh CourierMs. Lee, Ah Young, a poetess from Korea, the Land of Morning Calm, shares her poem  
Poetess Ms. Ah Young Lee was born in Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and completed the creative writing course at Chung-Ang University’s Graduate School of Arts. She made her debut in the quarterly magazine ‘Free Literature’ in 2001. She has three poetry collections and has won two literary awards. Currently, she serves as the Vice President of the Korean Association of World Literature.

1151308Mother and the Moon

Nine o’clock at night is turning to ten o’clock

Gangbuk-gu Office Intersection

The crossing waits for the traffic light


The road between Insubong Peak and Baekundae, with residual snow remaining

The pure white full moon is rising

Above Insubong’s head

The moon walks out looking fresh and stylish.


When the traffic light changed

The moon beckons me to come across

To Dal Bodrae Cafe before my eyes


My mother appeared in my dream last night

Hiding her raw, sore fingers in her dishcloth skirt

Like a dew-covered lotus leaf

Mother washing my forehead


She’s like the moon in front of the Dal Bodrae Cafe door

Becoming a stone statue

Waiting until the alpha star appears.


img_8849 보드래


아홉 시가 시로 가고 있는

강북구청 사거리

건널목이 신호등을 기다린다


잔설 남은 인수봉과 백운대 사잇길

새하얀 보름달이

인수봉 머리 위로

새색시 맵시처럼 걸어 나온다


신호등이 바뀌자

어서 건너오라 손짓하는

눈앞에 보드래 카페


어젯밤 섶에 나타나시어

생손 앓은 손가락 행주치마에 감추고

이슬 머금은 연잎처럼

이마 씻어 주시던 어머니

보드래 앞에

망부석 되어

알파성이 때까지 기다리신


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