Home Floods Multan NGO helps flood-hit villagers in Sindh

Multan NGO helps flood-hit villagers in Sindh

Multan NGO helps flood-hit villagers in Sindh

21 Tents are being erected in Naseer Faqeer Jalalani, 20 in Atta Muhammad Bhanbhro and ten in Rattal Shaheed village; the NGO has also arranged 2-time meals for displaced families.

The NGO will extend its work to other areas after completion of work in Union Council Naseer Faqeer Jalalani – Bashir Mallah

Sindh Courier

Kotdiji, Sindh

A non-government organization Saiban Kissan Foundation of Multan has come forward to help the rain-affected people of union Council Naseer Faqeer Jalalani in Kotdiji Taluka of Khairpur district of Sindh as the provincial government has not yet extended any help to the displaced persons.

“The NGO from Vusaib area has started erecting Tent Villages initially in three villages namely Naseer Faqeer Jalalani, Atta Muhammad Bhanbhro and Rattal Shaheed,” Mr. Bashir Ahmed Mallah, an old political activist and member-elect District Council Khairpur from Kotdiji, told Sindh Courier on Saturday.

Kotdiji-Tent-Villages-Sindh-Courier-2Kotdiji-Tent-Villages-Sindh-Courier-3Kotdiji-Tent-Villages-Sindh-Courier-4“The NGO is erecting 21 Tents in Naseer Faqeer Jalalani, 20 in Atta Muhammad Bhanbhro and ten tents in Rattal Shaheed village, where those families will be provided shelter whose houses have collapsed during the rains,” he said adding that these families are also given the lunch and dinner. “All this is being done on our personal efforts and the friends from Siraiki Vusaib are so kind that that they have extended the help.”

Kotdiji-Tent-Villages-Sindh-Courier-5Kotdiji-Tent-Villages-Sindh-Courier-6Kotdiji-Tent-Villages-Sindh-Courier-7Bashir Mallah further said that he himself accompanies the team of Saiban Kissan Foundation, to identify other villages affected by rain and flash floods to set up tent villages and provide shelter to displaced families. “The NGO headquartered in Multan, sends tents and related material as per requirement. They are placing the orders for more tents as per requirement. We will enlarge the scope of relief work to other areas after meeting the local needs.”

Kotdiji-Tent-Villages-Sindh-Courier-8Kotdiji-Tent-Villages-Sindh-Courier-9Bashir Mallah, who has close coordination with various organizations of the country, today visited Sukkur and held meetings with various International NGOs’ officials including the Focal Person of WHO at the Commissioner Office, to seek help for the displaced villagers.

Govt. High School Naseer Faqeer Jalalani declared as Relief Camp but no effort taken to pump out water.

To a query, Bashir Mallah said that the government had declared High School of Naseer Faqeer Jalalani as the Relief Camp in August but the school building itself remains inundated and camp could not be set up as the building is still under knee-deep water.



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