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Navoiy – A Poem from Uzbekistan

Navoiy – A Poem from Uzbekistan
Great Uzbek Poet Alisher Navoi/Navoiy (1441-1501)

Shah of lovers and saint of poets he is, each essence of wisdom radiates vessels. In the world of literature incomparable he is.

[author title=”Nodir Jonuzak ” image=”https://sindhcourier.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Nodir-Jonuzoq-Uzbek-Sindh-Courier.jpg”]Nodir Jonuzak was born on March 14, 1976 in Bulungur district of Samarkand region. He studied at the Faculty of Uzbek Philology of Samarkand State University (1993-1998). For some time (1998-1999) he worked in the newspapers “Turkiston” and “Respublika”. After that he started working as an editor at the National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan; worked as the editor-in-chief of the “Yoshlik” magazine. He also served as Deputy Foreign Minister (1999-2015). His first book ‘Drops’ was published by the Gafur Ghulam Publishing House of Literature and Art under the heading Talent (1997). After that, his collections of poems “I loved you” (2006), “My love” (2008) were published. As a TV journalist, Nodir Jonuzak produced programs and talk shows such as “Writer and Time”, “Poetry and Consciousness”, “Speech”, “White and Black”, “Personal Thought”, “Life is Beautiful!”, And “Creative Meetings”. Many videos have also been made based on his screenplays. He translated foreign films such as “Bobby”, “Games of Thought”, “In the Footsteps of a Panda”, and poems by famous poets such as M. Lermontov and A. Blok. He lives in the city of Tashkent. [/author]



Friends, a man is coming through ages,

Raising high goodness, fighting evils,

The sun in his palm, lighting the darkness,

From soul to soul Navoiy* makes trips, 

Conquering souls, Navoiy makes victories.

Even stones open eyes when his holy stick touches,

Souls are filled with streams with words of ‘Khamsa’*.

Both his image and poems decorate two worlds:

Immortal are lovers, not exhausted is Navoiy,

Of hardships of times are nothing for Navoiy.


Qaqnus*, Simurgh* speak of good people’s wonders,

Dating Layli* and Shirin make hearty talks.


The powers of Alexander and Doro he disregards,

Seven Planets were captured by Navoiy.

Navoiy led bright words to the right way,


Creating gold lines raised high the love stairs,

God’s secret treasure he discovered for folks.

For five centuries his treasures run out would not, 

Though Vazir* Navoiy is donating it without spare

In each soul Navoiy erected an eternal castle.


Shah of lovers and saint of poets he is,

Each essence of wisdom radiates vessels.

In the world of literature incomparable he is,

He who holds a pen his Pir is, no doubt, Navoiy,

Creator’s avert and covert secret is Navoiy!


If complain riots, wow, will listen to a soul,

Weeps together once and smiles once and calms.

Raises your spirit, even though he suffers much,

Each of his line is a talisman, a protector from evils.

To lovers’ illness a constant balm is Navoiy.


Hey friend, do avoid evil, and come to goodness.

Hey friend, take your chance and come to save the soul.

If you want to know your identity, come to his statue!

Caretaker, savor of each seedling is Navoiy,

For the nation a light tower is, sure, Navoiy!


Translated by Begoyim Kholbekova

*Navoiy – Alisher Navoiy great uzbek poet.

*Khamsa – The most important collection of Navoi’s poems, which consists of 5 volumes.

*Qaqnus – A phoenix – a mythological long-lived bird that is reborn after death.

*Simurgh – A fantastic creature in Uzbek mythology – the king of all birds

*Laili – The heroine of one of Alisher Navoiy’s dastans “Laili and Majnun”

*Vazir Navoiy – Alisher Navoiy was the prime minister under the Padishah Husayn Baykarа. He was a good architect and he designed a lot of schools, hospitals, bridges, roads and canals.