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North Baroda Sindhi Organization celebrates Cheti Chand

Mr. and Mrs. Parakash Khilnani from USA also attended the event

A number of Sindhi families attended the event; gifts were distributed among the children who danced to the tunes of Sindhi songs

Sindh Courier

Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Like several other organizations of Sindhi community, the North Baroda Sindhi Organization also arranged a program to celebrate Cheti Chand, the birthday of Lord Jhulelal and the New Sindhi Year on March 23, 2023.

The celebration started at 7pm and lasted for over four hours during which the children performed on Sindhi songs. A number of families of Sindhi community were invited.

Vadodara-Sindhi-Sindh-Courier-2Mr. and Mrs. Prakash Khilnani also attended the event, who had come from the USA after many years to visit their dear ones. Mr. Prakash belongs to legendry Khilnani family of Rai Bahadur Dewan Kauromal Chandanmal Khilnani of Bhiria city of Sahiti area of Sindh. Dewan Kauromal was a great educationist, social reformer and author of over fifty books, and is remembered with great respect and love as ‘Father of Sindhi Literature’.

Mr. Prakash at the reception hosted by Mr. Mahesh Punjabi, editor of Sindhi magazine

Before moving to USA, Mr. Prakash was settled in Vadodara (Baroda) where he had come in January last after a long time. Mr. Prakash is the lifetime member of North Baroda Sindhi Organization.

Chingoo-Office-Prakash-Sindh-Courier-2Chingoo-Office-Prakash-Sindh-Courier-3Mr. Prakash made a very heart touching speech at the event and recited a few lines of Sindhi poem showing his longing for Sindh and Sindhis. Although Mr. Prakash was not born in Sindh but he has immense love for the motherland Sindh, from where his ancestors had migrated. At the time of partition, his father use to do a job with a private company in India and couldn’t go back. The grandparents of Mr. Prakash had to migrate to India with some belongings which he has preserved even in USA. Those belongings include some brass-made utensils and a gramophone of 1920.

Chingoo-Office-Prakash-Sindh-Courier-4Chingoo-Office-Prakash-Sindh-Courier-5At the end of the event, Mr. and Mrs. Prakash Khilnani distributed gifts among the children who participated in singing and dancing program. he program was followed by dinner.

During their stay in Baroda, Mr. and Mrs. Prakash Khilnani also visited the office of a Sindhi magazine ‘Chingoon’ where the magazine editor Mr. Mahesh Punjabi and others warmly welcomed them. T

The Khilnani couple also visited Bangalore and other cities.




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