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Nostalgia: Reminiscing the Melancholic Beauty of Childhood

Nostalgia: Reminiscing the Melancholic Beauty of Childhood

Once a thriving community has vanished, and replaced by a narrow-minded and self-centered society

Shoukat Lohar

As I sit in my childhood home in rural district Ghotki’s Jarwar town of Taluka Mirpur Mathelo, the birthplace of the renowned Sufi singer Bhagat Kanwar Ram Jarwar, a wave of sadness overwhelms me.

I am deeply saddened, and I cannot fathom why. Perhaps it is the contrast between my memories of the past and the present reality that I find myself in. The days of my childhood were carefree and innocent, filled with love and simplicity.

But now, as I look around, I see a village that has fallen into ruins, a victim of neglect by the government and the hardships of life.

I remember my friends of my childhood, who have now disappeared as we all grew older. Time has passed, and my hair have turned grey, a reminder of the fleeting nature of life, like a sunset that fades into darkness. I miss the days of my youth, when life was uncomplicated and filled with small and childish desires. We spent our days playing games that the younger generation, born in the age of mobile devices, may not even know of.

Shahdani_Darbar_2Fishing in the canal, swimming in its waters, plucking berries from trees, and flying kites were our sources of joy. We didn’t know the value of money or the greed that plagues today’s world. We were content with the simple pleasures that nature provided us. Our hearts were pure, and our minds were innocent.

I am saddened by the fact that the village I once knew has fallen into ruins. The government’s neglect has left the people live a miserable life, struggling to make ends meet. But it seems like no one cares. Once, a thriving community that I remember from my childhood has vanished, replaced by a narrow-minded and self-centered society.

As I reflect on my childhood. I remember the joy of Eid days when we would rent a VCR and watch movies like “Khuda Gawah” and “Shahenshah” with great excitement. It was considered a luxury back then, and if an elder scolded us for our enthusiasm, we would be deeply ashamed. Oh, how times have changed!

Life, once so meaningful and full of promise, now feels futile and empty. The absence of a mother, a father, or an elder brother to greet and give tight hugs on this journey leaves a deep void in my heart. The passage of time has taken its toll, and I am left with memories that are bittersweet.

As I sit in my childhood home, surrounded by the echoes of the past, I realized how much I miss those days of innocence and simplicity. The world has changed, and so have we. The carefree and fare-free life of our childhood seems like a distant dream, and the values that once defined us have been eroded by the modern world.

I long for the days when love and compassion were the driving forces of our actions, and money and greed did not dictate our lives. I yearn for the sense of community and togetherness that we once shared, where a glass of water would be readily offered to anyone in need, regardless of their status or background.

As I ponder over the meaning of life, I am reminded of the beauty of nostalgia.

It is a bittersweet emotion that reminds us of the joys and sorrows of the past, and makes us appreciate the fleeting moments of happiness in the present. It is a reminder that life is precious, and that we should cherish every moment, for time waits for no one.

So, as I bid farewell to my childhood home and the memories it holds, I carry with me a heart full of gratitude for the simple and pure moments of those fascinating days.

Oh, the days of yore, so bright and free,

When life was simple, just you and me.

Running barefoot through fields of green,

A world of wonder, a timeless scene.

Mud-made toys, crafted with care, Imagination soared in the open air.

Friends made from dust, with hearts so pure, laughter echoing, memories that endure.

Climbing trees, reaching for the sky, lush green branches, a natural high.

Grass tickling our toes, dew on our feet, mornings filled with birdsong, so sweet.

Love bloomed in innocence, like a rose, colors vibrant,

A sight to behold.

Simple pleasures brought joy and delight, days filled with magic, from morning till night.

But now alas!, urbanization has taken its toll, confining us within concrete walls, a heavy toll.


Nostalgia tugs at our hearts, a bittersweet ache, yearning for simpler times,

A longing we can’t shake.

Oh! to be pulled back to those days of old,

To relive the memories, precious as gold.

To escape the confines of modern strife,

And embrace the beauty of a simpler life.

For love and colors may fade away,

But the memories of our childhood stay.

A treasure trove of moments, pure and bright,

Forever cherished, in our hearts’ warm light.

So let us remember with fondness and grace,

The days of mud-made toys, a simpler place.

And may those memories bring us solace and cheer,

As we navigate life’s changes, year after year.


Shoukat LoharShoukat Lohar is Assistant professor in English at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro. He can be reached at Shoukat.ali@faculty.muet.edu.pk





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