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Pain – Poetry from Uzbekistan

Pain – Poetry from Uzbekistan
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Mukhlisa Eshpulatova

Mukhlisa-Uzbek-Poet-Sindh CourierMukhlisa Eshpulatova was born on November 30, 1996 in Samarkand. She graduated from the Faculty of Philology of Samarkand State University. She is a teacher.



This world is not worth love

I loved without knowing it.

There are many ways, but

I haven’t found my way yet.


I hoped for lovely spring,

Happiness laughs like a bud,

Betrayal broke me hardly

The tallest tree in my heart,


I dreamed in the summer

That the sun listens to me

But my left heart is burning

With the cries of patience.


I gave my hand to autumn,

To be a salve for pain, dear.

They did not leave my soul,

Like I haven’t forgotten you either.


This world is not worth love.



How am I living in this world, mother?

I realized that I was walking between blades.

I was confused by the fire, not the candle

It is difficult for me to save my life.


Understand, I did not rest in this world

I didn’t look at the candle like they did.

I looked at the sun looking for light

And burned from my soul to my wings.


I dived into the sea and couldn’t reach the shore

My pains flowed like a flood on paper.

I want to forget my sorrows for a day

My feelings burned like fire in my chest.


I was the one who couldn’t find definition

I expressed my weakness in words.

A moment that survives every test

I laughed at the worries of the world.


One day when I counted my life

So many sales did not overcome me.

Then I know the great God will say

Your mother’s blessing protected you.


Then I sit silently crying…


One Day… 

One day the road will end

I will go your way, my love

After all, on the roads without you

I struggled and did not find love.


Loneliness will end one day

I will hold the hand of happiness.

But that hearty dear friend

Will you quietly forget me?


Being without you will end one day

Pain doesn’t bother me anymore.

Then I will give you my

Longing heart, do you get it?




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