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People in Love – Poetry from Vietnam

People in Love – Poetry from Vietnam
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Pham Thi Kim Khanh

Poetess Pham-Thi-Kim-Khanh - Sindh CourierHailing from Muong ethnic group from Cam Binh commune, Cam Thuy district, Thanh Hoa province, Pham Thi Kim currently lives in Thanh Hoa city, Thanh Hoa province. She is member of Vietnam Association of Culture and Arts of Ethnic Minorities, and Member of Thanh Hoa Culture and Arts Association. She has published literature works that won high prizes in the province and the Vietnam Association of Culture and Arts of Ethnic Minorities: “January Garden” Poetry (2014); “Two kinds of wind” (2016); “Memorial World” poetry (2016); “The realm of hope”, poetry, (2018) and “The season of leaves”, poetry, (2021).

People in love

People in love, every tree has flowers

Everybody are kind

Don’t know what season is in!


People in love

Everyone laughs

The more they hide, the more open

Their laughs are always suggestive


People in love

Wish all are

In love.


Eclipse-Lunar - Vn Express International
Photo Courtesy: Vn Express International

Lunar eclipse

The moon is eaten away,

Lunar eclipse, I heard that…


Don’t worry about me

The moon is still there, just because it’s hidden

And not even hidden

With the sun

The moon is the same with the universal line

– Really, is the moon still a moon?

– Yes, it’s just that the two are mixing together!


Nude bath at the stream

The stream through the Muong has dried up

I came back with the forest rain

Yesterday, the stream water was happy

Last night the stream sang the happy season


Dear you, this place is private

This place is sparse

I will bathe at that stream


– That fairy stream welcomes us

Look, flowers and trees on both sides are dancing

Look, good birds sing on the hills

– Don’t sing

Let do the white skins in the pure sun sing

– Don’t dance

Let do hairpieces playing around the stream dance

Look, the shoulders

My mountain breast singing love songs

Look the hair look the nape look bare hands

Wrap us in a smooth vortex

Don’t play water too much

Look, the dress on your head is wet

Also don’t be shy

Don’t make me passionate

The fairy stream

I take a bath

Being a fairy

We become fairies.


Lullabis for the expatriate

Away so many sleeps

Away from the warmth of mother’s hands

Move around a lot

Looking forward to you come back

Immense and empty in four sides

On the field is the cinnamon shade, next to the banyan shade


I lull you to sleep all the hard ways

I lull you to forget all the precarious afternoons

I lull you to forget floating mornings

Restless afternoons, bumpy nights

Deep love, honor respect, good sleep

Keep the fire, cherish the warmth and dispel the ice.


The call



You call



I remind

So bright days in each other


I’m not afraid of the day apart.

You no longer worry

Long time of this life


Morning call

The day is not lost

Afternoon call

Night does not wander


The call


No more lost each other

Human life.


A tick

Just met a tick

Close to each other a tick

Apart for a tick

In a limited long poem


How many ticks are our days?

How hot is love of ticks?


Don’t tick to burn my time

Don’t tick to eat my love

Don’t tick mine

Human life!


A date

Blur dawn

Late afternoon

She sings while walks

What song, what tune is unclear


Only he knows

Only he understands

The funny rhythms of the song

She stops at a grove and breaks a leaf


She stops by a flower to sniff

She sets to lyrics on the tree and flower

She thinks of love songs




Blur dawn

Late afternoon

She goes

Up the slope

The skirt embroidered with butterfly wings that follows rhythmic steps

The scarf on shoulder flutters her feet

The brocade waistband is bright with dyed color

Likely she is bright of spring.


The imagination

He is in tight plaid pants

Riding on a young horse

Climbing up to mountain


She wears a Muong-style skirt and shirt that covers her breasts

Her embroidered scarf flies

Wet eyes, dimpled smile

On the slope

She is waving


The young horse does not tired

Slope direction

Just riding

 He and she laugh




Releasing bodies

On a stone…



The season is waking up


A poetic method and love

What a poetic method for getting poetry soar?

Day by day you search

The world for thousands of refuge lifetimes


Modern – Postmodern

Diligence of you


Poetic truth


I am dull and don’t care far higher

Just let be as childhood

Just keep my youth heart

Earnestness with golden love

Earnestness will return to the dark purple

That love you at night at morning at noon and at afternoon

Just like that, an eager color

The justice path of the poetic method

Find for me

The love method

The unclear love

Do I know or no?


The sleeping enticement

Oh, the forest sound is immense

Oh, the stream sound is sweet

The fragrance from thousands of depth

Lull you to sleep


Forget the feeling of days away

Forget the visualization deep night

In the night autumn of love integrated

We come back to sleep together


Don’t say anything harshly

Don’t listen to uncomfortable words

The sleep comes like a child

Be good in the harmony night


Please sleep at one home

Please dream at the same door

Please don’t miss this sleep

The lullaby rhythm to autumn.


The add

Add trees among the dense forest

Pick up a handful of water to add the clear stream

Add clouds to the stormy sky

Add leaves to the canopy, add flowers to the forest


I add fits to the break

Add me to the twilight of the love boat.


MT16The season of leaves

Trees used to bloom thousands of flowers

Calling unlimited bees and butterflies

Trees used to fruit

Calling fragrant lips

Trees used to shadow

Many people rely on their shades

I come back, trees turn the autumn

Far from the fruit crop season

I come back to rely on the autumn wind

Trees in the fragrant season of leaves


I cosset on my hands

The season of leaves is peaceful

I receive in eyes of leaves

The affectionate of loves


Trees of ten years ago

We are not ours yet

Leaves of ten years later

We love the last season together


People of ten years old

Was someone’s beauty

People of ten autumns later

Are our love in the season of leaves


The season of leaves is so exciting

We hold the handful season.


The awaken incense

Forgotten from a past life

The incense vase was silent

Sealed from the previous life

The forgotten incense itself is scented


We mistook to touch each other

The incense vase was broken awake


We fell into each other

In the scented incense


The scent spread on the hair and skin

The scent soaked in the breath

The scent incubated in warm words

Wrapped in soft arms.


My heart loves the past season

A poem bloomed from the last season

Bringing to show the beauty this autumn

Reminding the entanglement of the past

Saying the sweet words of the love days


Thought that bamboo shoots had just woken up

Thought the season had just woken up

The words of the bamboo shoot picker in that days

Chopping the bamboo tube, weaving baskets


Who made the bamboo shoots budding?

Who urged the bamboo shoots to become bamboo?

To hurt a season of bamboo shoots

Just missed a young bamboo season


The lyrics are not beauty now

My heart still loves the past season

Cannot fix my heart, can I

I sit in pain the far wound


Dear lover!

Dear lover, it’s amidst of winter

You are still in thin shirt

Outside, the field wind is blowing

Where can you hide the thin shape!


Dear lover, it’s amidst of winter

You are still single

The forest is far and cold tonight

You curled up alone


Dear lover, when will you

No longer afraid of the cold in winter

You can warm me during the coal fire season

I add firewood to burn love whole winter              


Written in Tu Thuc cave

An ancient fairy dared to descend to the earth

Ancient people marked the way once in the fairyland.

I did not have flying wings

No one leads the match to the paradise area

Dreams of gold in hands

A fatal try to identify the gold.






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