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People of Sudan take to the streets against military rule

People of Sudan take to the streets against military rule

The security forces had killed 9 protestors on June 30; funeral marches took place for those killed during anti-coup demonstration.

By Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker


Thousands of enraged people took to the streets in Sudan’s capital on Friday to protest against killing of nine persons by the military a day earlier on June 30 when they had gathered for demonstrations against the military rule in the country.

In Khartoum and its adjoining areas, large funeral marches took place for some of those killed the day before, while others gathered after morning prayers at mosques in the country’s capital. Online, photographs of the dead were posted, in some cases in an effort to identify them.

Sudan-Protest-Sindh-Courier-2Sudan’s leading pro-democracy groups — Forces for the Declaration of Freedom and Change and the Resistance Committees — had called for nationwide protests against the coup.

The United States and others in the international community condemned the violence in this East African nation, which has been rocked by near-weekly protests since coup upended its fragile transition to democracy.

Sudanese military authorities have met the protests with a deadly crackdown, which has so far killed 113 people, including 18 children.

Sudan-Protest-Sindh-Courier-3Since the coup, the UN political mission in Sudan, the African Union, and the eight-nation East African regional Intergovernmental Authority on Development group have been trying to broker a way out of the political impasse. The talks have yielded no results so far.

In a joint statement on Friday, the three bodies expressed “disappointment over the continued use of excessive force by security forces and lack of accountability for such actions, despite repeated commitments by authorities”.

On Thursday June 30, the security forces used rifles against the anti-coup protests in Khartoum to disperse them.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters went out across the country to demonstrate against the military coup of General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and show their support for civilian rule.

Sudan-Protest-Sindh-Courier-4The authorities closed the bridges linking the three cities of the capital to prevent protesters from reaching the Sudanese presidency and shut down the internet.

The security forces massively fired tear gas shells and live bullets on the protesters despite lifting of the state of emergency and the end of judicial immunity.

As a result, nine protesters were killed by gunshots in Khartoum state – six were killed in Omdurman, one in Bahri and two in Khartoum city.

The murder of Ali Zakaria in Siteen Street of Khartoum city was the most horrible.

Meanwhile, the National Consensus, a coalition of armed groups issued a statement calling for the resumption of dialogue under the auspice of the trilateral mechanism.

Sudan-Protest-Sindh-Courier-5“Political divisions is a major reason for the failure of the Sudanese revolutions to achieve their goals of building a state of citizenship, democracy and sustainable peace,” said the National Consensus.

Since the military coup on October 25, 2021, resistance committees – grassroots protest groups – have organized peaceful protests and other actions to press for the military to hand over power and for civilian rule.

The young people of Sudan do not want the conditions to stay the way they are. They hope solidarity with Sudanese from all walks of life bearing the brunt of ongoing repression and support from people across the globe.

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Yousif-Ibrahim-Sudan-Sindh-CourierYousif Ibrahim Abubaker is a poet and writer from Omdurman Umbda -Sudan. He works as an English Instructor, Trainer and Freelance Interpreter. He also has been working as a debate leader discussing various topics in many English Institutes, Centers, Academy and schools.