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Poet Jawad Jafri honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Poet Jawad Jafri honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

The Literature Committee of Arts Council of Pakistan, Larkana organized the literary conference

Larkano, Sindh

The Literature Committee of the Arts Council of Pakistan, Larkana organized a literary conference the other day to pay tribute to renowned poet Jawad Jafri and honored him with a lifetime achievement award.

Two newly published books of the poet titled ‘Ya Hussain A.S’, a collection of noha (elegiac verses) in Sindhi and ‘Tasbeeh-e-Nijat’, based on Urdu rubiyat and qitat, were also launched.

Naaeer Mirza, a writer, broadcaster and author of many books presided over the event while Muhammad Ali Pathan, Madhosh Bhutto, Abid Abbas Kazmi, and Hassan Shaikh were the guests of honor.

At the outset, Essa Memon, a young writer and head of Literature Committee, welcomed guests and eulogized literary services of Jawad Jafri. Prior to book launching ceremony, Lifetime Achievement Award was also presented to Jawad Jafri for his literary services.

Jawad-Jafri-AwardThe speakers said Jawad Jafri’s nohas and manqabats are heard everywhere even in Karbala. They said “Jawad’s literary work is matchless.”

“He is not only a good cricketer but also an innovative poet,” they said.

“Jawad’s language, style and use of figurative devices make his poetry appealing. He has deeper devotion for Mohammad wa Ale Mohammad,” they stated.

The speakers further said, “Jawad is not only a religious poet of high repute but also writes poems of romantic substance. He brings in images of modern life, simplicity of language, dignified diction all rolled into one. All sources of sublimity theorized by Greek critic Longinus are visibly found in his poetry”.

Furthermore, Nasir Qazi, Nadir Lashari, Rizwan Gul, Khawar Qaboolai and others also shed light on creative works of the poet.

Several participants honored the poet by presenting garlands, ajraks and other gifts. The event was attended by a large number of people across Sindh. (PR)



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