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Premonition – A Bouquet of Poems from Vietnam

Premonition – A Bouquet of Poems from Vietnam
A Beautiful View of Ha long-Bay, Vietnam

Nguyen Dac Lap

Nguyen Dac Lap - Vietnam- Sindh CourierHailing from Tan Uoc, Thanh Oai, Ha Dong District, Hanoi, poet Nguyen Dac Lap is Member of Vietnam Writers’ Association and Hanoi Writers’ Association. His published literary works include: Strange land (Poetry – 1995), Premonition (Poetry – 2000), Desert flower (Poetry – 2004), City (Poetry – 2008), Standing cloud (Poetry – 2011) and The Voice of Time (Poetry – 2018). He won several literary awards that are: Nguyen Trai Art and Literature Prize in Ha Tay Province, 3rd (2001-2005); Second prize of Ha Tay poetry contest (2006-2007) and Medal for the cause of Vietnamese literature and art. Poet says, “I write about my experiences in life. Striving to write well, honestly towards the noble humanity.”


I have a premonition of something

Today can be alive and tomorrow can be gone

My father’s image

All hard years

Close people never come back

Yesterday was still alive with me

The girl next door did not talk, only smile

From the day she got married

Cheeks were no longer pinky


What tomorrow will be like

People with bent backs piled up years

Children grow up without seeing their parents and grandparents

The land at beginning of the village

More graves will be narrower

Like a small town

In fairy tales

Loneliness and old age made my eyes blurred smoggy.


When we are alive, why not get closer

So that we have to miss each other now

Oh! Humans are not easy to overcome ourselves

Dear suffering hearts

With eternal love.


Cuc Phuong forest
Cuc Phuong forest

Love for Cuc Phuong forest

Dear Cuc Phuong!

All year round quietly

You are virgin

Thousand years is still new

Trees in trees, layers of leaves and branches


Dear Cuc Phuong

Is it half a bright moon among the romantic sky

You are silent with your own love


Your hands hold the sunshine

Cherishing the falling raindrops

Let the scent be spread

And the green shoots at rock-cracks be germinated


I walk alone

Finding the scattered sunlight in middle of the forest

Among noisy life

Green in four seasons

An eternal love

Cuc Phuong forest…


To the top

In front of me is a mountain. When was a child, I often dreamed of climbing up to the top to see what was on it.

Time passed, I have been to many places but not been reached to the top of the mountain. There was a time when I tried to climb near to the top, the top suddenly mixed with the clouds…

One night, I found myself walking on the top of the mountain. There was a trail. At the end of the road was a milestone inscribed with the names of those who have stepped foot to the top of the mountain. Surprise, I saw my name there.


Awakened, I knew I was dreaming.

From that day on, the top of the mountain suddenly became as close to me as I had been there…

At nights, the mountain clouds overflow, the mountain suddenly is sunk into the clouds…


Do Temple Vietnam Online
Do Temple Vietnam – Courtesy: Vietnam Online

To meet at Do Temple

Happily unclear voices of juniors in front of the temple gate

Like past Ly Cong Uan played at Co Phap Temple

Thousand years was passed

The clouds of that time are returned…


Buddha statue

One hundred and eight Bodhisattvas

One hundred and eight ways of practice


You stand next to the Buddha statue

Taking a photo with a fresh smile


A person plays two strings instrument next to the Buddha statue

Waiting for the sound of a falling money…


Hoang Thanh Well

So many dynasties were buried deep under the ground

Well water mirrored for thousands of years

Hoang Thanh well remembered the people of that time

Intact pure, the water source of the Hung King…


Sudden poem

The global is getting warm, human love is getting cold

Loneliness of human life


Memories fly away

Suddenly alone among living days


The old trees falling down by the time

Smiles with white hair


How many branches a heavy tree

The bracelet that was full of trees is now


A tree is carried by many heavy branches

The arms of that time, are full of trees now


There are people who always causing miserable for others

Because they can’t stand on their own

Have to rely on others


Living without yielding to each other

Getting pain in graves when dying


The forest is still there but I am a different person

You are the same, leaves falling many times.


Turning out, trees are harder than the sky

Sunshine is like fire, still smile, still happy.


Sunshine is like a grumpy old woman

At the end of the afternoon, it’s more severe sunshine


Trees talk with the earth by buds

Wind talks with the sky by flying clouds.


There is no way in the sky

White clouds mix in white clouds

Aiming to the flying direction into the road.


A bird wing, a dot

Then mixing among clouds at the end of the sky…


(Translated into English by Khanh Phuong)






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