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Progress or Preservation

Progress or Preservation

Let us strive for a harmonious balance between progress and preservation

Zaheer Udin Babar Junejo

During recent festivities celebrating Sindh culture, characterized by the adornment of both vehicles and individuals with Topi and Ajrak, the significance of the ancient Indus Valley civilization seemed overlooked. This time-honored culture, deeply rooted in values, hospitality, love, peace, harmony, and respect, appears to have faded from our collective memory.

Media-driven advertising has contributed to contaminating our culture

Contemplating life’s journey, we must recognize that societal expectations have compelled us to assume various personas in the pursuit of academic and professional success. As human beings, we find ourselves in a perpetual chase of unattainable goals, leading to a constant sense of dissatisfaction. The unrelenting pursuit of more, coupled with a growing reliance on technology and information, has corroded our cultural values, leaving us in pursuit of illusions of an ideal life. Media-driven advertising has contributed to contaminating our culture, convincing us that our long-standing traditions are outdated. The ceaseless pressure to conform to new standards has trapped us in a cycle of discontent. Despite sharing similar environments and opportunities, happiness and satisfaction diverge based on individual perspectives and values. It is disconcerting to observe a society preoccupied with grievances about money rather than prioritizing skill development. When observing the overcrowding at brand outlets, fuel pumps, and hotels, it is difficult to comprehend the severity of our hunger and struggling economy.

456571_9046172_updatesDespite these hardships, none of us seem inclined to protest the infringement of our citizenship rights. Instead, we come together to celebrate our unity. Personally, grasping the concept of “enough” becomes challenging, as the pursuit of greater financial wealth seems insatiable for everyone. To reclaim our lives, the initial step involves self-justification rather than a constant need to explain ourselves to others. It’s time to question whether we are genuinely living our own lives or merely conforming to external expectations. Breaking free from the shackles of external expectations and rekindling our cultural roots requires a conscious shift in perspective.

True prosperity arises not just from external achievements but from an internal

It entails rediscovering the beauty in simplicity, finding contentment in the present moment, and fostering a sense of community that transcends the superficial constraints imposed by societal norms. As we embark on this journey of rediscovery, let us not forget the wisdom of our cultural heritage. Let us strive for a harmonious balance between progress and preservation, acknowledging that true prosperity arises not just from external achievements but from an internal alignment with our authentic selves and the enduring values that connect us across generations.


Zaheeruddin Babar Junejo-Sindh CourierZaheer Udin Babar Junejo, based in Hyderabad, is a specialist in Institutional Development, MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning), and Fundraising.



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