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Pyramids – Poems from Peru

Poetess Ramina Herrera Arteaga from Latin American country, the land of ancient civilization, shares her two poems

Magical transit through the uncertain desert that surrounded me with a sandstorm

Ramina Herrera Arteaga

Ramina Herrera Arteaga, born in Luya, Amazonas, Peru in 1979, is a Business Administrator by profession. She graduated from the National University of Trujillo. Her poetry “Memories of Unborn” was published online by the magazine “Voices” of Spain. In 2006 it was included in the anthology “Caminos de Poesía” (Editorial Fund of the Provincial Municipality of Cajamarca. ”In 2007 it published the Poemario“ Nocturna Soledad y otros Poemas ”(Katequil Editores). She has been awarded many prestigious recognition for her writing.



A few hours were enough

To feel the smell

Of the pyramids

Lose myself

In their sacred codes

And if there is someone who understands them

I am very pleased.


For me it was a trip

Indescribable to the world

Of an enigmatic cosmogony


Light and vast

Fit in my hands

And it explodes in my head


Magical transit

Through the uncertain desert

That surrounded me

With a sandstorm

And left me at midnight

In cold season

Of a street without a name!

Pyramids- Peru-Poetry-Final Points

And the ellipsis


They stopped painting

And they ended up like this


At one blow

Without completing the story

Because there never was one

Only single words

In a long poem

That millennia ago

Stopped being written

For lack of essence


Of metric!




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