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Raindrops – A Bouquet of Poems from Vietnam

Raindrops – A Bouquet of Poems from Vietnam

Nguyen Khac Hao, an eminent poet and writer from Vietnam, the Land of Blue Dragon, shares his six poems

Poet Nguyen Khac HaoDr. Nguyen Khac Hao, an outstanding teacher, was born in 1955 in Minh Hoang commune, Phu Cu district, Hung Yen province of Vietnam. He is the Member of the Vietnam Writers’ Association and Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists. His main literary works published so far include 6 poetry collections and 2 other literary books. Some of his poems are selected for textbooks and many others are part of Vietnam Poem Collections. His 60 poems are selected for music. He is recipient of more than 10 main literary awards and many other awards.


Clouds are filled with water

The wind blew into raindrops

Then dividing it equally to the land

For grasses, trees, rivers and lakes…


Raindrops compost in the garden

To become fertility of the soil

Raindrops cover surface of the water

To be a mirror for the moon to shine.


The raindrops are so naughty

Some days no need for clouds

Suddenly it rushes down

Then goes away immediately.


logo-z29622829867074a0708574fedfb37e578d0a103353ac6-1637727063400472701061-1637903636The youngest of the family

Dad came back from a long business trip

Gift for the baby – a gentle Doll

The baby sewed a new shirt, gave it a name…

The whole day was busy, the baby forgot to cry.


Asking who is the youngest in the family

The baby said, the Doll – the youngest.


220-0417The moon

No rope to hang

No leg to stand

Just float in the sky

Burning itself as a light.


At Full Moon nights in August

The stars come down to play

Only the Moon stays still

Lighting up for everyone.



Sleeping all winter

One day woke up

Meeting the burning sunshine

Cicadas call summer

Startled and shouted

Summer … summer…


Hardworking Cicadas

Studying all summer

Because during the school days

Everyone goes to school

Cicadas is afraid if learning

To make noise for children.


pexels-nila-racigan-15880725The baby pretends a teacher

The baby just returned from kindergarten

To teach for Doll class at home

Dad sneaked behind to listen

Startled, the baby thought Doll was late.


red-sand-dunes-mui-ne-vietnam-beachThe sun drunk wine

Yesterday mother laughed father

Face red like the sun

Father drunk a lot of wine

So embarrassed, Dad.


Going back to father’s hometown today

The sun hidden behind the bamboo

Oh the sun drunk wine

Its face is so red!


(Translated into English by Khanh Phuong)




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