Home Climate Crisis Religious scholars vow to play role for combating the Climate Change effects

Religious scholars vow to play role for combating the Climate Change effects

Religious scholars vow to play role for combating the Climate Change effects
PRC Sindh Secretary Kanwar Waseem, Haji Muhammad Hanif Tayyab, Maulana Tanveer Ul Haq Thanvi, and others at the climate change coordination meeting

PRC Sindh Branch organizes coordination meeting with the support of German Red Cross in Karachi 

Karachi Sindh

The Pakistan Red Crescent (PRC) Sindh Branch, with the support of the German Red Cross (GRC), organized a stakeholders’ coordination meeting at a local hotel in Karachi on Tuesday March 14, 2023 to discuss activities in the ongoing second phase of the climate change adaptation program with various stakeholders, including religious scholars from different sects, academia, relevant government organizations and welfare organizations.

PRC-Sindh Provincial Secretary Kanwar Waseem said the project’s first phase had been completed after a series of meetings and the signing of a joint declaration on climate change. “Now we are in the second phase of the Climate Change Program, and jointly we all have to decide the future activities through which we can effectively reach out to the public and preach the adaptation and mitigation measures to combat the negative effects of climate change in Sindh,” Kanwar Waseem said.

He emphasized that climate change is Pakistan’s most serious and significant issue, and each of us is responsible for mitigating its negative consequences for future generations.

Haji Muhammad Hanif Tayyab commended the PRCS for holding this follow-up meeting on climate change and said that the move showed the seriousness of the PRCS on the critical issue of climate change.

PRCS-Sindh Climate Meeting-3
A group photo of participants at a climate change adaptation coordination meeting organized by the Pakistan Red Crescent-Sindh

Maulana Tanveer-ul-Haq Thanvi and other scholars also vowed to perform their role effectively and create awareness about serious environmental issues.

Akhlaque A. Qureshi, Director General of Climate Change and Sindh Coastal Development Authority stated that effective climate change advocacy requires a multi-pronged approach that leverages various tools and methods to reach a broad audience and encourage action.

Professor Abid Raza Irfaani, Qazi Ahmed Noorani Siddiqi, Shayaan Shah, Zaffar Abbass and other participants also share their opinion about climate change adaptation. The representatives of various organizations and participants appreciated the initiative of the Pakistan Red Crescent and pledged to work together on climate change in Pakistan.

Ms. Iram Ayaz, Program Officer, also gave a presentation on the Climate Change Program’s planned activities, which included coordination meetings, reviews of sectoral policies and legislation, production of related awareness material, social media campaigns, and engagement of influencers to raise climate change awareness in Pakistan. (PR)



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