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Riverbank – Poetry from Vietnam

Riverbank – Poetry from Vietnam

Khuong Thi Men

Khuong Thi Men 1Born in 1979 in Vinh Khuc, Van Giang, Hung Yen, Vietnam, poet Khuong Thi Men is author of two books – Poetry collection: ‘Leaning sunshine in the moon season’ published in 2015 and Poetry collection: ‘Thirsty Wind’ published in 2020. She has won Fourth Pho Hien Prize: Consolation prize for “Leaning sunshine in the moon season” and Fifth Pho Hien Prize: Second prize for “Thirsty Wind”.

Concept of poetry: To express the voice in heart, poetry takes root and saves the life.


Children take buffaloes across the riverbank

Peering into sunshine streaks

The sun chuckles and looks.


The woman walks across the riverbank

The river gets dry, the moon gets ugly

Unstable songs


The man turns to the riverbank path

The wind blows strongly, dry night with clock strikes.

Waves are likely the hugging arms

Wandering to where?


A flock of sparrow fly over the riverbank

Piecing autumn strips from lonely autumn breeze

Taking into its nest


Dawn calls for

Lives along the riverbank to begin.


an_lam_river_resort_review_saigon-16Nghi Xuan afternoon sobbed verses of Kieu story

Ha Tinh is the waist of the Central region.

Lam River flows along the traditional songs.

The river sinks into boats, eyes of Vinh citadel cling to the wind.

Nghi Xuan afternoon shadows on Kieu poetry.


I grab Tien Dien moon

The moon vibrates the sound of someone’s sobbing.

The poet’s blood dripped on the tip of a pen

Did Nguyen Du feel sorry for Kieu or his pain for the human being?

Do next generations cry for Kieu or for To Nhu?


He returned to Giang Dinh after ten years of adventure.

The dynasty was up and down, splendid things were transformed

Nguyen Du leaned on poetry to stand up

To borrow Kieu verses and resolved personal feelings.


The verses were tossed and turned in Thanh Hien poetry collection.

Filtered tears from human being, poetry was like rain filled with compassion.

Bright mind and talent, let leave it back.

The poetry last forever through the dust of time.


Hong Linh Mountain, I longed for Lam River.

You waited for the moon at Giang Dinh wharf for wind singing

The Lao wind curved the six-eight poetry sentence

Van Dai waves were nostalgic for Thang Long innermost feeling.


I invited Tien Dien moon on Pho Hien.

The wind of Nguyet Ho was green on the poet’s shirt.


Shirt scent

The day you washed clothes at the pond

The scent made my pants trembled

The day you took off clothes and followed your husband

I rubbed your clothes to find the scent of old seasons


Rain blurred April

The shirt scent became memories


The old bridge when you used to wash clothes

Now my wife still washes clothes for me

Night brightens the city


My daughter falls in love since her full moon age

Love comes from that bridge with the shirt scent

Memories suddenly come back…

How to keep the shirt scent from being lost?





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