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Roots of Partition – A Book on Partition and Migration of Sindhis

Ahmedabad-based historian Mohanlal Hasanand Mandani has authored Gujarati language book titled વિભાજનનાં મૂળ which means Roots of Partition

The book has recently been published by the University Book Production Board Ahmedabad, a statutory board of the Gujarat State Government

Namdev Tarachandani | Ahmedabad

The book ‘Roots of Partition’ contains some historical and so far unexplored facts on displacement of Hindu Sindhi Community from Sindh in 1947 during the Partition.

Mohanlal Hasanand Mandani writes that the Hindu Sindhi Community can be divided in 3 categories at that time when they had to decide about their future life.

(1) One segment decided not to leave Sindh, but remain to live in their original native land in Sindh which is now in Pakistan.

(2) Second segment decided to migrate to India. They come down in India by facing horrifying situation, which have no words to describe. They decided to stay temporary in camps provided by the Central Government at that time. After some period the Government of India stopped supporting this second part of community. So, this part becomes Atma Nirbhar (આત્મ નિર્ભર, સ્વ નિર્ભર) to maintain their self-respect and decided to leave these camps which were closed by the government. After this situation, this segment of community scattered and settled in different parts of India.

(3) The Hindu Sindhi Community is engaged in the Business around the world from Samarkand to Bukhara since last 600 years. So many write ups are available in the historical books. These business class families had at least one family member who was settled in the concerned business country.

So this segment decided to settle there. The number of such countries were maximum 50 at that time. Now this number of countries are at least 150. This business community is knows as Diaspora Community in International terminology.

“We are not knowing much historical facts about this first and third part of Hindu Sindhi Community. Are we eager to know about these facts?” he says in a brief introductory message about the book.

“I have written this book in Gujarati language named વિભાજનનાં મૂળ which means Roots of Partition,” he said.

Author writes, “In the year 1947, we, the people of India, paid the price to get freedom from British in the form of partition of undivided Hindustan and creation of Pakistan and India.”

The most affected communities are Punjabi, Bengali and Sindhi, in aggregate 30% of each. Remaining 10% are Gujaratis, Rajputs and others.

“Bengali got western part of Bengal State, Punjabi got East part of Punjab which includes some parts of Haryana and HP States at that time upto the year 1956. What Hindu Sindhi Community got at that time or what we lost? Does our 4th generation know this naked truth and irreparable loss? We should think over it. Shall we have the Hindu Sindhi Literature in any language? We shall think over it.”

This book is Research based on Human History and its concerned Academic Faculties. So this book contains 884 pages, hard bound.

This book was published on April 15, 2023 by the University Book Production Board Ahmedabad, a statutory board of the Gujarat State government.

About the Author

Mohanlal-Hasanand-Ahmedabad-Sindh-CourierMohanlal Hasanand Mandani is a retired Assistant Commissioner of Labor, government of Gujarat. He is also the advocate, Gujarat High Court beside a researcher of Indian culture and history. He is member of several organizations including Bar Association, Sindhi Pensioners’ Welfare Association, Senior Citizens Club, and Labor Laws Practitioners’ Association etc.



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