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Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s Poetry: A Beacon of Courage and Humanity

Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s Poetry: A Beacon of Courage and Humanity
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Shah Abdul Bhittai is a true and fearless Sufi poet of Sindh, who propagated peace, love, brotherhood, and human dignity for mankind in his poetry

Shuhban Ali Siyal

Whenever an authentic history of the sleepy land is written, especially literary history, poetry will rise to the top in any way because the mood of the small land is something like that. Even in human history, poetry is the only one that has been used to express any special quality of a human being. From ancient books to todays, if you examine the books carefully, you will find a lot of poetry in them. From the poets of earlier ages to Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and from Kalidas to Kandari Fakirs, the poetry tradition has been very strong in the region. The traditions that have influenced the mental state and mood of the people here are similar to the poetry traditions in the middle of history.

In such a situation of time or history, many such people were born who did not like all this, and they decided to continue their struggle to find the basic goodness of man for awaken it. Many people have born, who have performed their work with great joy, it is another matter that some people were successful in their process and some people could not get the desired results from this process. However, their struggle influenced the people, and they have left their indelible marks on time and history. We are walking on the same path, the path that leads to the light, the light that is the salvation of mankind. It is the light of man’s access to the goodness of man, which has been learnt and transferred generation to generation. If we learn to walk in the light of the message given by these ancestors, it is sure that our vision will become bright.

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How fortunate is the land of Sindh that has given birth to brave, courageous, righteous political leaders, Sufi sages, religious scholars, thinkers, and poets – Such as Hazart Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Sachal Sarmast, Sufi Shah Inayat, Sami, and many others.

Shrine of Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai at Bhit Shah in Sindh Province of Pakistan

Hazart Shah Abdul Bhittai is a true and fearless Sufi poet of Sindh, who propagated peace, love, brotherhood, and human dignity for mankind in his poetry. Latif is an example of superior humanity. Shah Latif’s heart was very soft, not only for humans but also for birds, animals and other creatures. From the books and poems of the Shah, we can get lot of evidence of patriotism for own land and country. He is always eager for action. He does not preach just in learning but to him, a man must do something with heart and mind and leave the result to the Lord. No matter what difficulties come in front of you, do not lose courage, but face it with full courage. Then success will follow his steps.

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Bhittai was born on 18 November 1689 and died on December 21, 1752, at the age of 63 years. The language used by Latif in the verses is Sindhi. This proves that Latif loves his language. Latif owns 30 heads. These heads have different social aspects based on the characters. As Sassi’s struggle is known, no matter what the difficulties are, continue the struggle. As the head is ten, Latif says; it is known more in birds than in humans, that they flew, they were wandering among themselves as given few examples. Latif says in Sur Kedara: The world is a field of action or battle, where you have to forget the illusions of the heart, like a real pig, and fight for victory. Further says in Sur Sarirag: Even the power is tired of a man without courage. Let the idle and leisurely man look to nature and learn from it the lesson of hard work. Man himself is a part of nature so when the sun, the moon, the stars, the sea, the rivers, and the stars are always moving, how is it obligatory for him to be careless and waste his life in idleness! In Sur Dahar he suggests that man has come to plant the seeds of action in the field of the world. If he does not fulfill his duty, he will go to a place where he will be able to get out himself.

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Latif has also sung about Sikh and Shanti in sur kalian through the verses that man has moved away from the essence of Allah or is spending his life on illegal activities and is ignorant of the remembrance of God. Latif says that if you want to find peace in the world, one from your mother and father and the other from God, they have peace, but you should not disrespect them. Latif’s poetry is a beacon that touches and analytically discusses various dimensions

Peace, Love, and Brotherhood

In Sur Kalian, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai expressively conveys the profound spirit of Allah’s remembrance as a source of tranquility. This Head depicts or suggests that the act of remembering Allah is akin to unlocking a serene and peaceful state within the soul. Latif beautifully captures the spiritual depth of peace, love, and brotherhood in the divine remembrance, emphasizing the transcendental nature of these virtues.

Concern for the Poor

In Sur Shal, Shah Latif: passionately expresses his concern for the downtrodden, vehemently opposing those who exploit the poverty of the poor. He vividly depicts his prayer against those who profit from the destitution of the less fortunate. Here, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai reveals his deep empathy for the poor and his condemnation of those who take advantage of their vulnerability, foreseeing the eventual downfall of such exploiters.

Philanthropy and Love for Humanity

Within Sur Saring, Latif emphasizes the importance of persistent effort and draws a poignant parallel between human endeavors and the continuous motion of birds. He signifies the necessity of persistent determined, mirroring the constant flight of birds. Shah Latif encourages individuals to embody the spirit of determination, dedication, and hard work, aligning their efforts with the ceaseless motion observed in the natural world.

Concern for Changing Sincerity of Man

Sur Dahar encapsulates Shah Abdul Latif Bhatia’s concern about the changing sincerity of humanity. He emphasizes the human obligation to spread seeds of positive action in the world. Latif warns against neglecting this duty, using the metaphor of a barren land that fails to yield crops when neglected. This poignant imagery serves as a powerful reminder of the consequences of neglecting one’s responsibilities and underscores the importance of contributing positively to the world.

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Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, we find a beacon of peace, love, and brotherhood in his poetry. His teachings, emphasizing hard work and fulfilling one’s duty, guide us toward a brighter vision for the future. Sindh’s fortune lies in its legacy of producing not only brave leaders but also profound poets like Bhittai, whose messages continue to resonate and offer treasured visions for generations.


Shuhban Ali Siyal, studies in language and literature at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed, Benazirabad (Nawabshah) Sindh



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