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Shock – A Bouquet of Poems from Uzbekistan

Shock – A Bouquet of Poems from Uzbekistan
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Mukhiddin Abdusamad

Mukhiddin Abdusamad - Sindh CourierMukhiddin Abdusamad, born in 1982, graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek. He is Member of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan and author of the books “Mother”, “She”, “Soaring Eyelashes”. In 2005, he clinched first place at the Republican seminar of creative youth “Zaamin”. In 2020, he won 1st place in a literary competition held by the Republican Committee for Ecology. The poems of Mukhiddin Abdusamad are included in the almanac “Sevgi Fasli” (Season of Love), published in Azerbaijan in 2010, and in the almanac of modern Uzbek young poets “Yuz o‘lan” (One Hundred Poems), published in Kazakhstan in 2019. Since 2016, he has been working as the executive secretary of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan. At the same time, he is the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Ijod Olami” (World of Creativity).


When I was in Samarkand for the first time

I suddenly felt a tremor of unrest:

Above my head, above the universe

The sky has risen, looking at me.


When I was in Samarkand for the first time,

Oddly enough, my tongue could not

Find the right words, to the surprise –

The earth was spinning, leaving under feet.


When I was in Samarkand first time,

All my senses were on fire.

But maybe it wasn’t true at all.

And all this just seemed to me.


When I was in Samarkand for the first time…



I love when everything appears in white,

Silver times when the snow falls.

And I like the space of melancholy in white –

The time of white sadness, tired as a mother.


I’m ready to play in this snowy time,

Not afraid that a cold tickles in the throat.

I see in my mind a picture of those white snows –

The essence of pure childhood, an innocent soul.


I feel free and I strive for the sky,

When I take off in a sled on the snowy hills,

I love very much and enjoy snowfall,

Like mother’s hair in these snows…


Looks cowering tree with a bare trunk,

With his pure soul, like itself childhood,

And when I, caressing, touch him,

It laughs and merrily throws snow.


Winter’s teeth freeze in the gutters, but I

I chew them with crunch, and I get shakes

I lying in the snow, I feel – the earth:

I hug her and kiss her forehead.


I love it when everything appears in white…


Translation by Gulnoz Tojiboyeva


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