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Sick of Beauty – A Poem from Italy

Sick of Beauty – A Poem from Italy

Stefania Miola

Stefania-Miola-Italy-Sindh-CourierStefania Miola is an eminent Poetess, Art Critic and Journalist from Italy. Since 2015, her three books have been published – “One sky – the only true one”, “Violets in the Desert” and “The scent of the white rabbit”. All books are awarded nationally and internationally. Her several poems are present in anthologies of various publishing houses.

Sick of Beauty

Whatever crosses my path,

 Change my life

 Discovering new horizons.

I have near the sea

 Always with wealth

 Of my being.

With the power of all stories

Listen, experience, imagine.

My life is written.

Written in the language of kindred souls.

We who are the “beauty sufferers”

And vivid dreams

That we build colored bridges

Into silence and drop anchor


Drowning on the surface.

We who see the world

From a thousand different perspectives

We who are the “sensitive”

The damned of the new Millennium.

We who fall in love

Desperately and irreparably

Of all forms of beauty…

We are poetry.




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