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Sindh Agriculture University organizes Annual IT Exhibition

Sindh Agriculture University organizes Annual IT Exhibition

FAO official, representatives of industry and academia underline the need of promoting Agri-tech, developing the value of agri-business and creating more opportunities for women’s involvement in agriculture and information technology.


United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO), Industry and Academia underlined the need of promoting Agri-tech in the country, developing the value of agri-business and creating more opportunities for women’s involvement in agriculture and information technology.

The FAO official and others expressed these views at an annual exhibition based on software, applications, and models developed by the final year students of the Information Technology Center of Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam on Tuesday.

SAU-Exhibition-Sindh-Courier-2The exhibition was organized in collaboration with Hyderabad Information and Software House Association (HISHA) and Gaxton.

A job fair was also organized by the IT-related private companies of Karachi and Hyderabad to provide internship and job opportunities to the students.

The event was inaugurated by Ms. Tanzeela Ume Habiba, MPA and Special Assistant to the Chief Minister of Sindh for Information, Science and Technology and Dr. Fateh Marri, Vice Chancellor, SAU.

SAU-Exhibition-Sindh-CourierAddressing on this occasion, Ms. Tanzeela Ume Habiba, said that the Sindh government is working on many projects for the youth in Sindh and different programs are being launched. She said that the youth are working with business-oriented projects, artificial intelligence and agri-tech as per the industry demand and this exhibition is a confirmation of the talent of youth.

Dr. Fateh Marri, Vice Chancellor SAU said that the IT sector has developed a lot, and Information technology is playing an important role in the development of all sectors including medical, agriculture, engineering, livestock, manufacturing, and the e-business.

He said that the projects and models prepared by the students of the University are of a high standard. He added that with the help of IT in agriculture the GDP of the country can be increased by the export of agricultural products and access to the global market.

SAU-Exhibition-Sindh-Courier-1Dr. Bhawani Shankar Choudhry, a distinguished Professor and the Head of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Karachi said that 5.5 million children are born in the country annually. “For the food security, improvement of children’s nutrition, proper use of available resources, and for sustainable agriculture is inevitable.”

He said our youth are developing information technology-related projects for business start-ups and linkages in industry and academia to bring it on a commercial basis. He said we will pay 50% of the fee for 12 members in the IEEE of the SAU.

Miss Florence Rolle, head of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Sindh, said that Sindh Agriculture University is playing a major role in research and extension work in agriculture, and we are offering our services in terms of agricultural development and women’s inclusion in Sindh.

She said that the establishment of the center will be completed within a couple of month with the support of Sindh Agriculture University for the expansion of production per acre, agribusiness and various programs for students.

Dr. Jan Muhammad Marri, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Sub-Campus Umerkot and Dr. Aijaz Ali Khooharo, Dean, Agricultural Social Sciences Faculty said that information technology has changed the world in a few decades and the world’s economic and business activities and markets are moved on click away.

SAU-Exhibition-Sindh-Courier-3Ms. Mona Shah of HISHA, Mukesh Kumar of SMEDA, Project Head of NIC Syed Azfar Hussain and others addressed and appreciated the projects of the students of the University and emphasized for further enhancement of the technical linkage between academia and industry.

The students of IT had developed health, agriculture software, monitoring systems, tracking system, biometric system, quality detection, artificial intelligence, smart health care system, various monitoring systems for animals and insects, mobile applications and other models. Around 40 projects were put up for exhibition, in which students and industry delegates showed interest.

Dr. Mir Sajjad Talpur, Director ITC, Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob Koondhar and others also addressed the event. A large number of faculty members and students were present during the event. Tableaus related to IT were also presented by the students on this occasion. Vice Chancellor and Deans distributed shield awards to the teachers and students who prepared the best projects. (PR)




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