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Sindh Establishes Laboratory for Archives and Artifact Preservation

Sindh Establishes Laboratory for Archives and Artifact Preservation

Exploration & Excavation Branch Scientific Laboratory and Data Center has been established in Karachi

Karachi, Sindh

Dr. Syed Junaid Ali Shah, the caretaker Minister for Culture, Archives, and Antiquities Sindh, inaugurated on Tuesday a state-of-the-art Scientific Laboratory aimed at preserving archives and artifacts.

The laboratory, named the “Exploration & Excavation Branch Scientific Laboratory and Data Center,” is established in Karachi to facilitate research on archives and artifacts and ensure their preservation in modern ways. Situated near the historic site of Romi graveyard, the laboratory is poised to become a hub for preserving cultural heritage.

Sindh-Archaeology-Lab-Sindh Courier-2This state-of-the-art scientific laboratory is the first of its kind at the national level in Sindh, aiming to ensure the preservation of treasures beyond those displayed in museums, like those found after the excavation of Mohenjo-Daro, now housed in the Treasure House Museum.

“Our antiquities are a part of our national identity,” Minister said. “It is our responsibility to preserve them for future generations.”

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He stated that technical constraints have hindered the display of many artifacts for over sixty years. The treatment of artifacts precedes their display, and previously, artifacts were sent abroad for treatment. With the establishment of facilities for artifact treatment in Sindh, local preservation becomes feasible, making artifacts more accessible to the public and researchers.

Dr. Syed Junaid Ali Shah highlighted plans to increase the number of museums in Sindh, making it mandatory to have a museum at every heritage site, facilitating researchers. He emphasized the importance of understanding the significance of our possessions and maintaining awareness about them.

Sindh-Archaeology-Lab-Sindh Courier-3He mentioned that carbon dating is utilized to accurately estimate the age of artifacts. Radio carbon dating, based on the presence of carbon atoms in natural substances, provides an estimate of the time elapsed since the material decomposed or dispersed into its elements. It is hoped that we can also avail this facility in Sindh.

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Sindh’s Secretary of Culture and Antiquities Department Khalid Chachar, stated that serious measures are being taken by the department to preserve Sindh’s artifacts and archaeology. We will fulfill all technical requirements to prevent the loss of our cultural heritage.

The laboratory is equipped with facilities for acid-free treatment, filming, and long-term preservation of documents for up to 200 years, reflecting a fifty-year technological outlook. Additionally, the Exploration & Excavation Branch Scientific Laboratory also houses a data center and provides residential facilities for researchers.

Moreover, in conjunction with archaeological records, a web portal was launched, adding another dimension to the preservation and dissemination of historical knowledge.(PR)





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