Home News Sindh govt. to introduce Eco-Friendly Electric Taxis in Karachi

Sindh govt. to introduce Eco-Friendly Electric Taxis in Karachi

Sindh govt. to introduce Eco-Friendly Electric Taxis in Karachi

500 new buses worth Rs.25 billion will be purchased during new financial year – Sindh Transport Minister

Karachi, Sindh

A high-level meeting, presided over by the Minister of Information, Transport and Mass Transit Sharjeel Inam Memon, on Thursday decided that 500 new buses worth 25 billion rupees will be purchased and added to People’s Bus Service to provide more travel facilities to the people during the next financial year.

Moreover, 200 eco-friendly electric taxis will also be introduced in Karachi.

Secretary Transport Saleem Rajput, CEO Trans Karachi Tufail Palijo, Project Director Yellow Line Ameer Owaisi, General Manager Red Line Pir Sajjad, and Project Director PSB Sohaib were present in the meeting.

Transport Minister instructed the initiation of a new route for the People’s Bus Service, connecting Hattri to Khesana Mori in Hyderabad. He specifically emphasized that the trial of this new route should commence within three days.

Sharjeel Memon said that the introduction of the new route would provide affordable and comfortable travel facilities for residents in both urban and rural areas.

While issuing instructions to bring all the buses of the People’s Bus Service onto the roads of Karachi, he emphasized the need to activate the buses that were in backup as well.

He further announced that an additional 20 buses will be provided to the Sindh government by June 15, and these buses will also be incorporated into the People’s Bus Service to further enhance travel facilities for the public. He emphasized that the buses should actively operate in each and every street of the city to facilitate the public.

Minister issued planning and implementation instructions to establish connectivity between the Orange Line, Green Line, and Red Lion buses.

Announcing that the government plans to purchase 500 buses in the upcoming financial year, he instructed the Ministry of Transport to prepare a proposal for this purpose.

He revealed plans to operate 200 electric taxis in Karachi, with 50 pink taxis specifically reserved for women passengers. These initiatives aim to enhance public transportation and provide dedicated services for women commuters.

Sharjeel Inam Memon stated that female drivers will be recruited specifically for the pink taxis designated for women passengers. He emphasized that the introduction of electric taxis will enable affordable travel facilities for the general public. These measures aim to prioritize women’s safety and provide cost-effective transportation options for the community.

Sharjeel Inam Memon highlighted that the electric taxi service initiated under the SMTA (Sindh Mass Transit Authority) will create employment opportunities for unemployed youth, operating environmentally friendly taxis will result in substantial savings in oil expenditures, benefiting environment, the public and the government. This initiative serves as a win-win situation, promoting sustainable transportation and economic advantages for all stakeholders involved.

He also mentioned that charging stations and parking depots for electric taxis will be constructed at various locations throughout the city.

Secretary Transport Saleem Rajput put forward a proposal to operate the People’s Bus service twice, specifically catering to the convenience of teachers and students at GC University Hyderabad. In response, Transport Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon instructed the relevant authorities to plan and organize the necessary arrangements to implement this proposal effectively. (PR)





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