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Sindh protests imposing excessive gas meter rent

Sindh protests imposing excessive gas meter rent

Stakeholders must be consulted for formulating the gas pricing mechanism, Imtiaz Sheikh writes letter to the federal government

Karachi, Sindh

Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh has said that the excessive increase in gas meter charges by the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) is worrisome and it has become very difficult for household consumers to pay gas bills.

In a letter to the federal government, he said that SSGC under OGRA is charging excessive rent for meters from the public and any move to increase the gas bills will cause economic problems for the common man.

The energy minister said these actions of SSGCL will worsen the living conditions of a large section of the society.

He said that the Sindh government has convinced the federal government several times for the representation of the provinces in the regulatory bodies and the SSGCL.

In his letter, Imtiaz Sheikh further said that the lack of representation of Sindh in the federal regulatory bodies is unfortunate and added that the gas distribution of the province has to be done by the relevant authority having representation of provinces.

Imtiaz Sheikh said that Sindh is the largest natural gas producing province in Pakistan, which accounts for 63 percent of the country’s total production. “Sindh has more rights to the natural resources of the province under Article 158 and the non-implementation of the constitutional provisions were leading to a sense of deprivation in the province,” he asserted.

In the letter, he requested the federal government to review the decision of increasing the meter rent charges.

The energy minister also called for ensuring consultation with all stakeholders in formulating the future gas pricing mechanism so as to eliminate the fear of unfair pricing to alleviate public suffering. (PR)




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