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Sindh Sufism University, M. H. Panhwar Institute sign MoU for Collaboration

Sindh Sufism University, M. H. Panhwar Institute sign MoU for Collaboration

‘Neighborhood institutions’ collaboration sustains, yields intellectual enrichment, asserts Prof. Dr. Parveen Munshi

By Correspondence

Jamshoro, Sindh

University of Sufisim and Modern Sciences Bhitshah and the M.H. Panhwar Institute of Sindh Studies Jamshoro have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to foster collaboration between the two organizations in the areas of academia, research, preservation, and generation of Sindh-related source material.

The MoU was signed at the M. H. Panhwar Institute of Sindh Studies Jamshoro on March 12, 2024. The Institute operates under the Culture, Tourism, Antiquities, and Archives Department of the Government of Sindh.

The agreement also includes provisions for the exchange of educational resources and training of staff, faculty members, and students in teaching, research, documentation, and digitization activities.

One significant aspect of this collaboration is the involvement of the M.H. Panhwar Institute of Sindh Studies in scanning books and manuscripts related to Sufi traditions and practices.

2-MoU-USMS-Bhitshah-MHPISSAccording to Professor Parveen Munshi, these scanned books will become part of the university’s e-library. She emphasized that this digitized source material will not only be preserved but will also be readily accessible to scholars interested in Sufi traditions and perspectives.

During the event, Mr. Ghulam Sarwar, a representative of the Institute, provided a detailed history of the institute, while Mr. Niranjan discussed the material and spiritual culture of Sindh and highlighted the potential benefits of IT and digitization in preserving and enriching these cultures.

Mr. Murtaza Siyal, the Director of Sindhology, informed the attendees about the collaboration between the University of Sindh and the M.H. Panhwar Institute, stating that a significant number of rare books have already been scanned.

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Ms. Gulbadan Jawaid Mirza, the Secretary of Sindhi Adabi Board, Jamshoro, also mentioned that the board has handed over almost all its published books to the Institute for scanning, and a considerable number of books have already been digitized.

Professor Dr. Abdul Majeed Chandio said that such collaborations are necessary in order to share resources and knowledge.

Dr. Zaffar Junejo also spoke at the event, sharing his perspectives on the collaboration and highlighting the benefits it will bring to scholars and students.

In her concluding remarks, Professor Dr. Parveen Munshi, the vice-chancellor, emphasized the value of local collaborations compared to regional or international collaborations. She noted that local collaborations require fewer resources, save time, and are more manageable in terms of travel and academic engagement. Therefore, she stressed that the first priority should be to learn from neighboring institutes, universities, and even non-governmental organizations.

The event was attended by Professor Muhammad Hashim Solangi, Ms. Rozina Junejo, Mr. Ardo Uteradhi, Mr. Liquat Rizvi, and Hasnain Panhwar. The event concluded with a vote of thanks from Mr. Ghulam Sarwar, representing the M.H. Panhwar Institute of Sindh Studies in Jamshoro.

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