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Sindh to prepare Disaster Risk Reduction Plan for Mohen Jo Daro

Sindh to prepare Disaster Risk Reduction Plan for Mohen Jo Daro
Image Courtesy: Sindh Antiquities Department

Experts urge adopting modern methods for protecting the world heritage site. Sindh will hold Centenary Conference on Mohen Jo Daro in Paris


On the suggestion of UNESCO experts, the Sindh government has decided to prepare a Disaster Risk Reduction Plan for protecting the Mohen Jo Daro from climate change effects.

The decision was taken by the Provincial Minister for Culture Sardar Shah and a 2-member UNESCO delegation, who met him on Tuesday. The delegation, comprising of UNESCO architect conservation experts Rand Eppich, Christina and others, shared the observations about their visit and detailed assessment of the damages caused to Mohen Jo Daro by the recent rains and floods.

The delegation members said that the modern methods needed to be adopted to protect the ancient archaeological site from the effects of climate change.  “There was a need for multimedia recording and digital imaging of all sites,” said architect conservation expert Rand Eppich and further highlighted the need for conservation work of all sites.

The delegation members further said that workshops, training and awareness programs should be organized for the protection of world heritage.

The meeting agreed to protect Mohen Jo Daro from all future climate impacts under “Disaster Risk Reduction.” It was further decided during the meeting that all the research work done on Mohen Jo Daro will be consolidated and made available on one platform.

Minister Sardar Shah said that the scheme to build a research center at Mohen Jo Daro has been approved by the provincial government. The research center of international standards, resembling the buildings of Mohenjo Daro is to be built at the site.

Minister further informed the delegation that 100 years of research work on Mohen Jo Daro will be consolidated. “The World Conference is to be held on Mohen Jo Daro this year with the support of UNESCO in Paris and will be led by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari” he said.

He further said that a documentary will be presented by the Department of Culture and Antiquities in the conference.

The delegation said that UNESCO conservation expert Thierry Jouffroy has completed his visit after the damage caused to the international cultural heritage due to heavy rains. UNESCO expert Thierry Jouffroy will present his report to the headquarters of the United Nations agency. In the light of the recommendations of UNESCO expert Thierry Jouffroy, a workshop was also organized with the support of the Department of Antiquities regarding the protection of world heritage. The workshop also provided training on archaeological drainage, ‘capping’ on structures and protection against ground salt.

The overall planning, operations, research, training and publications were discussed in detail in the meeting. (PR)





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