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Sindhi Language Day celebrated with great enthusiasm in Vadodara

A large number of men, women and children participated in the programs

The men and women of Sindhi community danced to the tunes of Sindhi national songs.

Sindh Courier Report

Vadodara, India

The 10th April Sindhi Language Day was celebrated by Sindhi community with great enthusiasm in Vadodara, the second largest city of Gujarat state of India.

The events are held annually to celebrate the day when Sindhi language was recognized and included in the 8th Schedule of Constitution of India in 1967.

Sindhi Language Day - Vadodara- Sindh Courier-2According to Haresh Agnani from Vadodara, two programs were organized in Vadodara in this connection – the first one in the morning by Jagdish Makhijani of Makhijani Charitable Trust at Sangam Harni Road, and the other in the evening by Kanwar Kala Kendra, in Harisheva School Auditorium, Vadodara.

Sindhi Language Day - Vadodara- Sindh Courier-4Sindhi Language Day - Vadodara- Sindh Courier-5A large number of men, women and children actively participated in the programs and presented songs and danced to the tunes of national Sindhi songs.

Singing and dance on Sindhi songs were directed by Jeetu Hirani & Group.

Here are some more pictorial glimpses of the Sindhi Language Day programs.

Sindhi Language Day - Vadodara- Sindh Courier-6Sindhi Language Day - Vadodara- Sindh Courier-3Sindhi Language Day - Vadodara- Sindh Courier-7Sindhi Language Day - Vadodara- Sindh Courier-8

Watch the Video: Sindhi Language Day Celebration in Vadodara


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