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Sindhi Weekly Hindvasi Editor Shobha Lalchandani Passes Away

Sindhi Weekly Hindvasi Editor Shobha Lalchandani Passes Away

The funeral of Shobha Lalchandani will be held on Saturday May 04 in Mumbai.

Mumbai, India

Mrs. Shobha Lalchandani, the Editor, Hindvasi Sindhi weekly newspaper, passed away in Mumbai on Friday May 3, 2024. She was absolutely fine and working on computer for Hindvasi when she suddenly collapsed. Shobha ji was rushed to the hospital but she had breathed last.

Mrs. Shobha Lalchandani was born on 19th February 1954. The funeral will be held on 04/05/2024 in Mumbai.

She has also been managing the musical programs at Sita Sindhu Bhavan, Santa Cruz Mumbai for the past 10 years. She was professor of Sindhi at renowned Jai Hind College. She participated in many seminars and was also the editor of the quarterly Sindhi magazine ‘Sipoon’.

She produced a Sindhi film ‘Akhri Train’, released very recently.

Mrs. Shobha Lalchandani is the daughter of Shri Thakur Chawla and Smt. Paru Chawla, and wife of late artist Shri Ram Lalchandani.

11_02_shobha_lalchandani“Her demise is Great loss to Sindhi Community. Sindhi Heritage Foundation pays tribute to departed soul and prays Jhulelal to give place to her in his lotus feet,” Narayan Bablani in a message.

Mrs. Shobha Lalchandani, a doyenne of ‘Sindhyat’, is an unsung heroine.   Although her contributions to ‘Sindhyat’ was great and meaningful, she avoided publicity and considered herself a humble and dedicated promoter of ‘Sindhyat’.

She did M.A. in Sindhi Literature from Mumbai University and also in Arts & Printing. She was a prolific writer and had written many papers, articles etc. in Sindhi language. She won many awards and was a profound speaker in her own right. She was a versatile personality and had great flair for Journalism too.

She had been very actively involved in ‘Hindvasi’- a complete family weekly news magazine in Sindhi, with a global circulation. Shri Mangharam Siphimalani, journalist and freedom fighter started ‘Hindvasi’ and while he was ‘Editor-in-Chief’ of this magazine, Shobha became the Assistant Editor. This is how her career as a journalist began. This weekly magazine is extremely popular with the Sindhi Community, and the faithful readers look forward to receiving and reading it with interest every week.

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