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Small Alley – Poetry from Vietnam

Nguyen Dac Lap, an eminent poet from the land of Blue Dragon shares his poems

Small alley by the roadside; unexpected sight have met; can be the turn of life.

Nguyen Dac Lap

Nguyen Dac Lap, the poet from Ha Dong District, Hanoi, Vietnam is the member of Vietnam Writers’ Association and Hanoi Writers’ Association. His published literary works include ‘Strange land’ (Poetry) 1995; ‘Premonition’ (Poetry) 2000; ‘Desert flower’ (Poetry) 2004; ‘City’ (Poetry) 2008; ‘Standing cloud’ (Poetry) 2011; ‘The Voice of Time’ (Poetry) 2018. He is winner of Literary Awards – Nguyen Trai Art and Literature Prize (2001-2005); Second prize of Ha Tay poetry contest (2006-2007) and Medal for the cause of Vietnamese literature and art. He writes about his experiences in life.


Small alley

 Small alley by the roadside

Unexpected sight have met

Can be the turn of life

When was young.

yentu_0Record in Yen Tu

 Met someone carrying sand to climb to Yen Tu

Understood about the ephemeral life

Embraced the clouds, climbed the wind step by step

Built steps into nothingness!

hoan-kiem-lakeBy the lake

 Here there are only love and cool air

Quietly dragonflies fly over the water surface

Butterfly finds a place to rest on the fresh grass

Love needs quiescence for kisses.

 Other side of the lake

The eternal peace of the graves

The resting place of people who were once on the earth

The lake surface rippling


Way of life

Rushing backwards and down.

Love-Market-SapaSapa love market

 Why called a market?

No one sell or buy

Only see people with people

Find each other in the white cloud

 Then it’s like the cloud

Love flies over the head top

Thought it was the standing cloud

Raise hands and get nothing…

 Lucifer, Daystar

 There is Lucifer but no Daystar

Oh, Cross-star looking for someone in the sky


 Stars are all shining

Flying to the sky…all are great and far away

Just because cannot find each other on earth

Then turn out to great stars remembering and loving about…

When trust is lost

They lost each other forever

Desperately to find among the galaxy!


Yen Tu – A mountain in Vietnam 

Sapa – A market 

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