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Solidarity Protests in Sindh: A Reawakening Call

Solidarity Protests in Sindh: A Reawakening Call

The dark night of atrocities should be over. The dwellers of Sindh are tax payers and equal citizens of the country 

Shoukat Lohar

In recent times, the district of Kashmore in Sindh, Pakistan, has witnessed prolonged sit-ins and solidarity protests, highlighting the grave issues of kidnappings of innocent citizens, especially children and women, the incompetence of the police force, and the prevailing lawlessness. These protests have not only echoed the concerns of the people of Kashmore but have also resonated across the entire province of Sindh, including cities like Hyderabad, Karachi, Khairpur, and Mirpurkhas, where agitation and protests have emerged demanding peace and justice.

Sindh-Kashmore-Protest-Sindh -1CourierKidnappings and the Plight of Innocent Citizens

One of the primary catalysts for the sit-ins and protests is the alarming rise in kidnappings of innocent citizens, particularly women and children. These incidents have instilled fear and insecurity among the residents of Kashmore and other parts of Sindh. Families have been torn apart, and communities have been left traumatized as loved ones go missing.

Incompetence of the Police

The prolonged lawlessness and rampant kidnappings have also exposed the deep-rooted incompetence of the police force in Sindh. The inability of law enforcement agencies to effectively investigate and resolve cases has further eroded public trust. The lack of proper training, resources, and accountability mechanisms within the police force has contributed to the prevailing state of chaos and unrest.

Sindh-Kashmore-Protest-Sindh -21CourierSindh’s Longstanding Battle against Lawlessness

Sindh has been grappling with the issue of lawlessness since time immemorial. The province has witnessed a complex interplay of factors, including feudalism, dirty politics, and the nexus between the police and local influential figures. This nexus has often hindered the delivery of justice, as powerful individuals manipulate the system for their own benefit, leaving ordinary citizens vulnerable and marginalized.

Sindh-Kashmore-Protest-Sindh -Courier-3Solidarity Protests across Sindh

The sit-ins in Kashmore have sparked a wave of solidarity protests across Sindh. People from different walks of life, including civil society activists, students, and professionals, have come together to demand justice and peace. The protests have amplified the voice of the marginalized and have garnered public attention, pressuring the authorities to take notice and address the pressing issues.

The protesters’ demands are multi-faceted. They call for an immediate end to kidnappings and the safe return of those who have been made hostage. They demand a comprehensive overhaul of the police system in Sindh, including reforms in recruitment, training, and accountability. Additionally, there is a growing demand for political and administrative reforms to break the feudal and political stranglehold that has hindered progress and perpetuated lawlessness.

Sindh-Kashmore-Protest-Sindh -Courier-5The Way Forward

To address the concerns raised by the sit-ins and solidarity protests, it is crucial for the government to take swift and meaningful action. This includes launching thorough investigations into enforced kidnappings, ensuring the safe return of the victims, and holding the perpetrators accountable. Furthermore, comprehensive police reforms are essential to instill public confidence and enhance the capabilities of law enforcement agencies. Political and administrative reforms should also be pursued to promote transparency, accountability, and good governance.

The prolonged sit-ins and solidarity protests in Kashmore and across Sindh have brought to the forefront the pressing issues of kidnappings, police incompetence, and lawlessness. It is imperative for the government to look into this grave matter and get it resolved on immediate basis.

Sindh-Kashmore-Protest-Sindh -Courier-4
Two hostages released by dacoits after the pressure

The dacoits who kidnapped the innocent citizens, especially residents of Kashmore Kandhkot whose majority is non-Muslim, they pay high price of their lives and safety. That’s why they leave Sindh. Now enough is enough! Now no more kidnapping.  Sindh has been reawakened now. The dark night of atrocities is over. The dwellers of Sindh are tax payers and equal citizens of the country.  They need government attention.  Life has already been troubled by increasing inflation and cost of oil; what else Now? Fuel to fire is this lawlessness. Rapes, killings, kidnapping what’s this? Is this a state based on law or princely estates! Now feudalism is no more required. Kashmore Kandhkot, Ghotki, and other areas where the so-called feudal lords seem in power! Now their game should be over! SSP has threatened the peaceful protest of repeating General Dyer’s practice.  He should be ashamed of his passing of competitive examination. If he, it is claimed, got released a few kidnapped why did he take them to the Mazari House (if true so); why did he not bring them directly to the sit-ins! It shows how ineffective and enfeebled are the law enforcement agencies. Sindh has endured too much, now it’s time to reawaken and show resilience!

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Shoukat LoharShoukat Lohar is Assistant professor in English at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro. He can be reached at Shoukat.ali@faculty.muet.edu.pk



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