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Soul’s Seed – A Poetry Book

Soul’s Seed – A Poetry Book

Italian poet and writer Gioia Lomasti’s latest project is “Chicco d’Anima” (Soul’s Seed)


Italian poet and writer Gioia Lomasti’s latest project is highlighted by her editorial work “Chicco d’Anima” (Soul’s Seed) as her new poetic creation. The work, curated by Gioia Lomasti and Marcello Lombardo, is available in both e-book and print format through various online stores and bookshops.

Gioia Lomasti presents her new book by saying that each project tells a story, evokes emotions, and lives within the pages of time. In a few strokes, she has wanted to collect this long journey where, with the last word, our farewell is not determined, but rather a foundation. “Light of gaze, warmth of time, wrapped in gold and laid my heart.” Chicco d’Anima is dedicated to her little friend. The work opens with a poem by poet Gioia Lomasti from her first collection titled “Passaggio,” dedicated to him. All proceeds are donated to projects in favor of animals – for more information, a fan page has been created on Facebook called CHICCO D’ANIMA.

Gioia Lomasti a writerGioia Lomasti, a writer and poet, was born in Ravenna. She promotes writing and oversees the press review at vetrinadelleemozioni.com. She is an article writer for various publications, where she presents authors and songwriters. She has directed editorial series dedicated to poetry, prose, and narrative, as well as anthologies for various authors, highlighting talented emerging writers. She also works in social welfare, believing in the value of friendship as a source of life and sharing. She has several personal publications, both prose and poetry, both individually and collaboratively. Like her previous projects, this latest project is a testament to her commitment to supporting charitable causes. The sentiment that accompanies her writings emanates light and heart along the path of poetry.

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