Home Short Story SPARK AND FLAME – A science-fiction story from Uzbekistan

SPARK AND FLAME – A science-fiction story from Uzbekistan

SPARK AND FLAME – A science-fiction story from Uzbekistan
Illustration Courtesy: Abbe rolnic

A Science Fiction Story


In any fantastic work, the reader always sees a Miracle accompanied by a Mystery. You can also add something supernatural there. This is a requirement of the genre. In my story, there is an assumption that I have a unique ability. I see the colors of people’s souls. And not only… Your obedient servant can feel and see in the soul of the interlocutor the sparks that appear during the conversation. If these sparks are negative, that is, the interlocutor sparks with bad intentions and a flame can flare up from them, I must extinguish IT immediately. So, I was ordered. By whom? It’s a secret. When I extinguish these sparks using my ability, my opponent does not feel it, but he changes. And if the sparks sparkle for good deeds, I immediately help with cheerful and joyful colors so that the flame ignites. Moreover, this, too, is imperceptible to the owner of the soul.

Everything is very simple.

Okay, now let’s start the story.

My first interlocutor was a lanky, unfriendly, twenty-five years old guy. He said he really needed a job. He said that he can everything! But! Tired of unemployment. Been idle for six months now.

Very requested. 

– It’s hard for me to look my parents in the eyes, – he said. – I don’t seem to be offended by God, and mind, and physique. But for some reason, no luck with work. It is a shame to live at the expense of parents. Please take me to work!

I looked into his soul. He asks for a job, but his soul does not lie in the case, he does not even have a weak, small spark. I felt that he did not want to work anywhere at the root. If you accept such a person in your company, you will be in trouble.

– Who told you that you need to get a job just like that, put pressure on pity? – I asked.

He smiled and replied frankly:

– Mum!

– For some reason, I felt that you did not want to work at all.

He didn’t lie.

– Why work? Man lives once. Why waste your whole life, if in the end, we all die one day.

Yes, familiar philosophy. But I was interested to know what he expects in life.

– But to live, you need money. And they don’t come easy. Now your parents are feeding you. And then? They don’t last forever…

He looked at me like I was an idiot. Finally, a spark flared in his soul.

– Well, is that a problem? – He smiled. – You are a primitively naive person. Look, I’m not lame, I’m not deaf and dumb, I’m not crippled, I’m a complete, handsome guy. Girls like me. I am now in search; I want to find a rich father-in-law. And I will have a life-candy!

I was a little taken aback by such a frank life plan. Almost lost, which is not typical for me. However, I asked again.

– But after all, the father-in-law is not eternal!

He looked at me with open pity.

– You are a middle-aged businessman, you created your own company, and it turns out that you failed to understand the essence of life. Look how many women are sitting around in old maids. Among them there is also a businesswoman! They are engaged in trading business or run their own firms. If my rich father-in-law suddenly dies, and I leave me without funds, I will simply divorce my wife and find another – some kind of businesswoman. And then I will continue to live without straining, happily ever after.

– Do you know what people like you are called?

– I know, gigolos. And what from this? I don’t care. People love to gossip. Chat and calm down. Everyone has their own life.

As he spoke, evil sparks flared up in his soul. And I decided. If I don’t extinguish these sparks and they turn into flames, this guy will be the trouble of many girls.

The future gigolo felt nothing.

“You can’t get married,” – I said.

He was surprised.

– Why? I am a healthy person. I am attracted to women. When I want, then I will marry.

– Not from now on. Get out of here and women and girls won’t be interested in you anymore. Believe me. You are nobody’s ballast. The conversation is over. Tell your mom that you said everything the way she taught, but the employer refused.

He breathed a sigh of relief, as if he had accomplished an unpleasant task. He was glad he wasn’t hired. He got up and left the room with a smile on his face. Didn’t even say goodbye.

Now, after my intervention in his soul processes, this type will become a burden on his parents. Let them reap the fruits of their own upbringing. The guy will probably end up begging or die before reaching old age.

Our world doesn’t need parasitic gigolos…

The next visitor was a sedate, stocky guy of medium height. He, too, was about twenty-five years old. His lips parted in a smile, but his eyes were dull, lifeless. 

– I came by the announcement,” – he said. – You need an employee.

– Yes, I know, – I replied. – The work is physical, sometimes you must carry heavy bags with loose building materials.

– I’m used to doing any job. Both heavy and light. I want a good salary.

– You will work from eight in the morning until five in the evening. One hour is allotted for lunch. Lunch at the expense of the company. The salary is in the ad. If I don’t like your job, I’ll fire you immediately, okay?

– Okay, I agree, – he said.

I looked into his soul. He did not shine about work. I did not understand him and asked myself: “The salary is not very high. Why does he want to get a job with me?” “Maybe someone came up with this?” It’s not clear.

I looked into his eyes and asked:

– Who sent you here?

He didn’t know what to say. I realized that I hit the target.

– I am…- he finally said.

– You’re lying! Tell the truth, otherwise I will call the guards and order them to beat you! – I threatened.

– What suddenly?

– Because you don’t want to tell the truth. Who sent you?

– I’m going to the police!

– In this case, I will write a statement to the police. That you came to me and wanted to kill me. Attacked me with this knife! – I pulled out an ordinary clerical knife from the drawer. “As a result, my guards barely saved me. And your fingerprints will be on the pen. Understood? You think I’m a fool? I’ll ask for the last time: Who sent you? If you don’t answer, blame yourself.

He thought for a long time and finally answered:

– Jasur…

I laughed inwardly. He didn’t seem to know I didn’t have security.

– Is he interested in my technologies and products?

– Yes.

– To ask Jasur for help is to try to get blood from a stone. I have always been kind to him. Never refused help. What is he? When I wanted to get a technical consultation from him, he called a crazy price … He wanted to get money from his friend. Anyway, I thought so. And it turns out he’s not a friend, but so. I suspected that he was jealous of me. And so, he sends me an industrial spy.

– I really needed money. I beg your pardon.

– I’m not sorry! Do you have children?

– Yes!

– Do you want your children, when they grow up, to become thieves, swindlers, drug addicts?

– Not.

– Then make money honestly. Unfair money is bad for raising children.

– I understand… – he said.

I looked into his soul again. He says he understands, but there is no spark. He is cheating again. So why are people like this? Their spiritual spark flares up only when they confidently lie. This type seems to be asking for forgiveness, but there is no spark in his soul, and therefore his apologies – so, to leave as soon as possible.

I helped him live honestly. Made a change in his soul. Now he will have no desire to deceive people.

– Everyone, you can go. I am a good uncle. We won’t hit you. Don’t tell Jasur anything from our conversation. Just say you weren’t accepted. Understood?

– Yes! – He answered and left. Didn’t say goodbye.

 I looked into Jasur’s soul from afar. His soul was full of sparks, he really hoped to get my technology. I had to help him. Because I considered him a friend. Therefore, these sparks were extinguished immediately. And extinguished the desire to earn money with the wrong methods. And he turned into an ordinary businessman. Now he will not chase unrighteous money, deceive gullible people. I love helping friends.

 Then I invited the next one. A third guy entered. I offered to sit down:

 – Please, make yourself comfortable!

 He was thin but strong. His gaze was piercing.

 – Do you want a job too? – I muttered.

 – Yes, but before I ask for a job, I wanted to know your conditions.

 – I have a job that requires physical strength. It is not easy. 

 – Any work done from the heart brings joy, – he replied.

 – I see you are a philosopher! – I exclaimed.

 – Yes! I am interested in the laws of life. They help to navigate correctly in different situations, – he said.

 I didn’t want to waste time talking off topic.

 – What else are you interested in?

 – Any bonuses?

 I shook my head.

  – Unfortunately, not, – I replied. – Only lunch at our expense.

 – Understood, – he sighed. – Recently my parents wanted to marry me to the daughter of my father’s rich friend. They needed rich relatives, but not my happiness. And I’m not a slave, and not a robot, but a free person. Therefore, I refused. And he married the girl he loved. Now we live separately. My wife is still a student. So, I must earn as much as possible.

 – That’s life, – I smiled. – I also had such a situation. We, young husband, and wife, mostly ate rice soup and a loaf of bread. But we were happy. So be patient and keep trying. Prosperity will come gradually.

 – Will it be possible to raise salaries over time?

 – If only the volume of sales of our products increased.

 He stopped for a moment and took a deep breath.

 – Yes… What to do? I think I’d better go to unload the train cars. I’ll make more money there.

 I looked into his soul. And I saw how it sparkles. He is ready to work for me. And he does not like unloading railway cars.

 – If you want to achieve something in life, define your job. Don’t run after big money. Do what pleases your soul. Then you will reach great heights. Here is the philosophy of life.

 – I understand that, but the lack of money tortured me.

 – I told you to be patient, think and try. Maybe you’ll make more money unloading railroad cars, but you don’t have the soul for the job. If you do what you don’t like, you will quickly get tired and there will be a mess with your nerves. You will become irritable; you will swear with your wife over trifles. And you will be seized by an eternal feeling of inferiority. And do you need it?

 – I see that you yourself like to philosophize.

 – Yes, I, like you, were interested in this since my youth.

 – Your words are correct, but I cannot work for such a salary. I will look for.

 – You are the owner of your life. You make the decision.

 The guy silently stood up. He said goodbye and left.

 I didn’t extinguish his sparks. For a while he will work wherever he can, but one day he will find his destined job. Most importantly, he married the girl he loved. He did not become a rag in the hands of wayward parents. They also make mistakes sometimes. True love doesn’t happen by accident. She is a divine and holy miracle. This young man will receive his reward in life.

 The fourth applicant entered. He was about thirty years old. He greeted me. And sat down on a chair. Asked:

 – I need a job. Will you take me?

 – I can accept that, but you need to know what terms you are agreeing to.

 – I worked on construction sites in Russia for several years. The pay was good, but the cold climate bored me. I want to find a job with us.

 I looked deep into his soul. I saw sparks there. I realized that he was a hard worker. I like it.

 – Are you satisfied with the salary?

 – Undoubtedly. I like. Patience is not immediate, but it is rewarded.

 – OK, deal. I’ll give you a week of probation. If I don’t like your work, we’ll say goodbye right away. Do you agree?

 – Yes. But I believe that it won’t come to that.

 – By the way, lunch is at the expense of the employer. On weekdays, of course.

 – Perfectly! – He smiled.

 – Come tomorrow. Work starts at 8 am. I’ll explain everything to you. And you will begin.

 The new worker was happy.

 – See you tomorrow, then! – He said and left.

 So, the deed is done. I hired a good guy. In my opinion, the best replacement for the previous one.

 At that moment, the door opened. Another guy showed up. And asked:

 – Can I come in?

 Instead of answering, I got up and went out into the corridor. There were three more in line.

 – Guys, sorry, there are no more vacancies! – I announced.

 They silently left. And at that moment, before reaching my office, I noticed that the guy who married for love was quickly returning to me.

  – I changed my mind! – He exclaimed as he approached. – Take me to work. I agree with your requirements.

Did you call your wife?

– Yes!

– You are late! – I replied. – There are no more vacancies.

– Make another one. The company is your own.

I looked into his soul. There were very good sparks.

I understood why they became so bright. If two souls understand each other, then they can create such a burning that cannot be extinguished in any way. It will be an indestructible fiery force. And the creators of this power will be happy for the rest of their lives.

I liked him. You can make a good person out of him. But I did not know what job to take him.

– Take me as your assistant. I’ll try,” – he offered hopefully. – My wife said I would be a fool not to work with you. While I do not think about the shortcomings in the house. I want to learn from you in work and in life. I made a mistake putting money first. Now I realized that first the choice of a life path, and only then money.

Then it dawned on me. And told him.

– Good! Come tomorrow promptly at eight. My firm is small. I only hire when needed. But I want to help you. You will be advertising. I plan to do it myself. But let this work be yours. If you don’t know how, I’ll teach you. Same salary and conditions. If you increase sales, you will get good bonuses. Do you agree?

– Thanks! – He was happy and satisfied. – I will try very hard!

I was glad too. Helped a good man.

– OK! Go! Tomorrow morning you will have a work plan.

The guy left.

I returned to my office. I sat down in a chair and thought. The human soul is a kind of mirror in which all hidden desires are reflected. You just need to be able to see them. This I can do. Where did I get such an unusual ability for ordinary people? It is forbidden to say this. Taboo! I’m sorry…


Ozod Moumin Hoja - an Uzbek writerOzod Moumin Hoja, an Uzbek writer, was born in 1952 in Tashkent. He is the member of Writer’s Union in Uzbekistan.


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