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Suo Moto Case: Will PPP reject SC Verdict?

Suo Moto Case: Will PPP reject SC Verdict?

Chief Justice is playing the role of one party by rejecting the request of the constitution of full court. The Chief Justice should recuse himself from the case or resign – PPP leaders

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Larkana, Sindh

Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Tuesday has declared the Election Commission’s decision to delay the assembly elections in two provinces as “unconstitutional” and ordered the government to hold snap polls in Punjab on May 14. However, the leaders of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had said on Monday night that whatever be the verdict of the Supreme Court regarding holding the elections in two provinces, would not be accepted.

Such rejection came at a seminar titled “When will justice be done on the judicial killing of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and when will the scales of justice be balanced” held at Begum Nusrat Bhutto Hall in Larkana.

The PPP leaders said that in the case of Suo motu notice for elections in two provinces, the separation of judges from the bench proves the lack of confidence. “Chief Justice is playing the role of one party by rejecting the request of the constitution of full court. The Chief Justice should recuse himself from the case or resign,” they remarked.

The Pakistan People’s Party also requested the Supreme Court to hear the reference of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari regarding the judicial killing of Shaheed Bhutto to clean the stain from his head by calling the hanging decision as a ‘wrong decision of history’.

Larkana-PPP-Seminar-Sindh-Courier-1The seminar also demanded that a separate constitutional court should be established in the country for matters of constitutional and national importance and the federal government should legislate on constitutional and other sensitive matters.

Such demand was made by the People’s Party in the resolutions and speeches at the seminar.

President of PPP Sindh, Senator Nisar Ahmad Khuhro, while delivering the presidential address to the seminar said that the Supreme Court should clean away the stain on itself regarding the judicial killing of martyr Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and do justice.

He said, “We want to hear the judicial killing of Shaheed Bhutto, for that the court should immediately hear the reference of former President Asif Ali Zardari and recognize that the court verdict to hang Shaheed Bhutto was a mistake, because this is the only chance that the court will make a decision based on justice to restore honor of the Courts.”

He said that we do not want to run away from the elections, but what is the logic of holding elections in two provinces, 6 months earlier and in the rest of the country after 6 months.

He said that after the completion of the term of parliament and assemblies in the country, elections should be held in the whole country the same day.

Nisar Khuhro said that in the case of suo motu notice of election in two provinces, the judges have also shown lack of confidence because the Chief Justice of Pakistan was not supposed to take notice of it, but deliberately involved himself in the matter.

Larkana-PPP-Seminar-Sindh-Courier-2Information Secretary of People’s Party Sindh Aijaz Dhamrah condemned the judicial killing of Shaheed Bhutto. He said that there was a conspiracy to hang Shaheed Bhutto to take revenge from Bhutto of his nuclear program.

He further said that there is a conspiracy against the nuclear program in the country and only the People’s Party will fight this conspiracy like in the past.

He said that 55000 cases are awaiting justice in the Supreme Court, but justice is being provided to one person like a scissor machine and the court is playing the role of a facilitator for the undemocratic forces today.

He said, “Chief Justice should immediately dissolve the bench because he has become a disputed otherwise we will not accept the decision of that bench in any case.”

Senator Sassui Plejo said that the scale of justice in the country is not equal. She said that a man who bestowed constitution to the country was hanged.

She said that today, the eyes of the people are on that court and it is to be seen whether the victory will be of the people or the past will be repeated.

Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s Political Secretary Jamil Ahmed Soomro said that the court was the crime scene on the judicial killing of Bhutto, which gave the decision to hang the Bhutto, but the court is not yet hearing the reference about the hanging of Bhutto.

MNA Khurshid Ahmed Junejo said that some forces do not want Pakistan to become powerful. He said the establishment and the judiciary are strong here but the most oppressed is the Prime Minister.

He said that until judicial reforms come, decisions in favor of the people and improvement in the country cannot be expected.

He said that the People’s Party is waiting for justice on the reference of Shaheed Bhutto.

The seminar was also addressed by Abdul Fatah Bhutto, Khair Muhammad Sheikh, Dr. Sakina Gaad, Shakeel Memon and others.

The Seminar passed various resolutions and demanded that it is the right of the Election Commission to hold elections, under Article 69 of the Election Act, after the completion of the 5-year term of the Parliament and Provincial Assemblies, the elections of the National and Provincial Assemblies should be held on the same day throughout the country.

It was also demanded in the resolution that it is the power of the Parliament to legislate; if any ideological need arises again in the country, all the democratic forces and people will stand up as a wall against such decisions and any attack on the continuity of democracy and the supremacy of the Parliament will not tolerate.

It was also said that the double standard of judicial justice for the protection of martial-Laws and the constitution is not acceptable in any case.

The Participants in the seminar had unanimously passed the resolutions.



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