Sindhi Literary Sitting Held In Ahmedabad

As a new initiative to encourage the writers living outside Ahmedabad, a poem of young poetess Sameeksha Lachhwani was also…

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Tongue-tied in Sindhi

This lack of interest from young parents has resulted in the two remaining government-run Sindhi-medium schools shutting in Ahmedabad Rutam…

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Deepa Mahadev Wadhwani – A Multi-Faceted Personality of Ahmedabad

“Sindhi festivals are rooted in the principles of science”, believes Deepa, who is author of two books on the subject.…

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Let’s meet Kumar Ghanshani, a versatile artist

Based in Ahmedabad, India, Kumar has performed in four Sindhi movies, scores of Sindhi, Gujarati and Hindi plays, stage shows…

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Sindhi Film Industry needs Community and State Patronage

Unlike Bollywood, we produce a film with a minimum budget ranging between 2.5 to 3.5 million rupees but have to…

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Dr. Prem Prakash – a versatile artist, writer, poet, dramatist

Author of five books, Dr. Prem Prakash has directed 35 One Act Plays from 1976 to 2000 Born on August…

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The Hearth – Still Cool – A Short Story from India

Story of a young married poor woman, who, since childhood, had been bound in a cycle of labor, where she…

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Sanctity of educational institutions is inviolable!

No person or agency outside the academic institution should have a say on the merits of a dissertation or the…

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