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Sindhi Literary Sitting Held In Ahmedabad

Sindhi Literary Sitting Held In Ahmedabad
Participants of Sindhi literary sitting in Ahmedabad

As a new initiative to encourage the writers living outside Ahmedabad, a poem of young poetess Sameeksha Lachhwani was also reviewed at the literary sitting  

Sindh Courier Report

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

A Sindhi literary sitting was held at Kubernagar, Ahmedabad with Shri Ramesh Jagiasi in the chair, on Sunday March 19, 2023. The participating poets and writers presented their literary creations which were thoroughly discussed and reviewed.

Shri Ramesh Jagiasi presented Sindhi translation of renowned poet Javed Akhtar’s famous poem ‘Nazar nazar main faraq hay’. Shri Manohar Nihalani readout short story titled ‘Afsano Neengar Jo’, while Shri Kodu Janib presented his few Haikus. Shri Thakur Bhanbhani presented his new poem ‘Silsilo’ and Shri Rajesh Mulchandani read his poem titled ‘Wado Sciencedan’.

Similarly Shri Manoj Chawla presented a poem ‘Budh’ and Shri Naresh Gurnani recited his poem ‘Too’n’.

The participants were of the view that resumption of literary sittings in Ahmedabad would help promote Sindhi literature and encourage the writers.

A new initiative was introduced in the literary sitting according to which the creations – poetry or prose, of Sindhi writers living outside Ahmedabad, would be taken up for critical analysis.

To begin with, a poem titled ‘Golha Me’n’ was taken up for discussion which has been written by a young poetess Sameeksha Lachhwani daughter of Mr. Nari Lachhwani from Bhopal city of Madhya Pradesh.

The poem was very much liked by the participants of literary sitting.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nari Lachhwani, a writer and artist from Bhopal said that holding of Sindhi literary sittings in Ahmedabad was a welcome move, much needed since a long time.


Sindhi titles of poetry and prose read at literary sitting:

  1. نظر نظر ۾ فرق
  2. افسانو نينگر جو
  3. جپاني مختصر نظم ھائڪو جي طرز تي سنڌي نظم
  4. سلسلو
  5. وڏو سائنسدان
  6. ٻُڌ
  7. تُون
  8. ڳولھا ۾


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