Sindhi Literature

Sindhi Literary Sitting Held In Ahmedabad

As a new initiative to encourage the writers living outside Ahmedabad, a poem of young poetess Sameeksha Lachhwani was also…

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TARANDER BADAL – A Novel of Nostalgia

‘Tarandar Badal’ is the story of a Sindhi youth who had taken part in the freedom struggle movement, who was…

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Addo Abdur Rahman: A tale from Sindh by Amarlal Hingorani

Amarlal Hingorani wrote his short story ‘Ado Abdul Rehman’ (Brother Abdul Rehman) in 1930 and it was reprinted again in…

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Packet of Poison (Zahar Jee Puree)

“What roots will grow? Kaljug is growing stronger by the day. Girls are walking around with tight clothes and exposing…

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Life Returns (Zindagi Moti Aayee)

One night she put her head on her husband’s knee and cried, “does the joy of marriage last only this…

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Sindhi Literature: Masoom Ilteja (Earnest Request) – A Short Story

“Mother please get a new school built for me,” the girl had made earnest request when her mother slapped Mohini…

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Sindhi Women in the field of Literature

We all know that the entire earth is firmly fixed on two powerful pillars of the two genders i.e. —…

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