Colonial Myths - Muhammad-bin-Qasim

Colonial Myths about arrival of Muslims in Sindh

Rethinking and re-imagining Sindh’s past – especially concerning the era starting from Mohenjodaro and ending in Muhammad bin Qasim’s arrival is crucial By Manan Ahmed Asif It is a fact not so easily known, thus rarely acknowledged, that the British colonial project in India at one moment turned into an excavation of India’s pasts. This […]

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Bengal- The game has not ended...

Bengal: The game has not ended…

We have faced the horrors of Election Commission and if we tolerate whatever they have done in Bengal, then in India there will be no democracy – Mamta Banerjee By Nazarul Islam Mamata Banerjee’s passion and conviction were all too visible in her first words to the media, after her magnificent win registered by her […]

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Living by mythological stories...

Living by mythological stories…

Indians can claim to fight at the borders but, in a strange paradox are allowed to die, in the tens of thousands within their borders. By Nazarul Islam With the debilitating pandemic in full control of life in a number of densely populated states of India, there is no escaping the death and destruction that […]

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Observations of an Expat- India Imagined

Observations of an Expat: India Imagined

The confusion and polarization means more political rallies, more Hindu festivals, less transparency, more lies, more corruption, more division and more fertile political ground for coronavirus. The country is desperately short of essential medical supplies.  And although it is the world’s largest producer of vaccines, its immunization program has stalled with less than 10 percent […]

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The Disciple-1

Movie Review: The Disciple

The Disciple is a Marathi-language drama that revolves around an aspiring Hindustani classical singer Sharad Nerulkar. The film was screened at the 77th Venice International Film Festival in September 2020 and won International Critics Prize and the award for Best Screenplay. By Kabir Altaf Early in The Disciple, we hear a voiceover which states: “If […]

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India- Armageddon

Analytical Report: India’s Armageddon

 Today, New Delhi has resembled the New Armageddon, where Ambulance sirens blare through the night – a constant reminder of the unbelievable tragedy unfolding in the city. As people die from want of oxygen, citizens have come together to support one another. They make thousands of calls to find oxygen, lug heavy cylinders around from […]

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