Child Molestation

Child Molestation: At the mercy of Madrassa monsters!

We may have seen in documentaries that Wolves attack the hindquarters of prey first, biting into the animal’s meaty rump or ham. They stay away from the tendons near the hooves. Some of us are these wolves, in human clothing! The time has come, and sooner than later massive reprisal will erupt, to put an […]

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Vast Opportunities of Local and Foreign Scholarships

Students, especially of less developed areas, are suggested to focus on applying for the scholarships. Ghulam Mustafa Mallah There are vast opportunities of scholarships for higher education, which the students must avail. The Higher Education Commission (HEC), Higher Education Institutes (HEIs), and other public and private sector institutions are offering thousands of foreign and local […]

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Universities HEIs and Fee Refund Policy Guidelines for Students

Universities/HEIs and Fee Refund Policy

The students are advised to be careful about the changing or shifting the HEIs/Universities across the country at the time of selecting Institute of their choice and keep in the view “National Fee-Refund Policy” and save huge amount so deposited. Public Opinion      The Pakistani students often apply for the admissions in more than two […]

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nepotism in Pakistan

Nepotism in Pakistan, a paralyzed part of system

Nepotism is an axe that cuts the roots of merits leaving the deserving people pass the miserable life. Public Opinion It is said that nepotism is the paralyzed part of our system that has been destroying the country’s progress rapidly since the independence. It’s actually the wrong use of power by giving best positions and […]

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Child Labor in Pakistan

Child Labor Issue: Save Children, Save Generations

Public Opinion How unfortunate is it that the children are forced to replace their toys with different unwanted and filthy chores? Child labor, in fact, is curse which makes innocent children to accept inappropriate work. It’s sorry state of affairs that our country has abolished all kind of child labor, but still the children are […]

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