Rape and Murder cases - Has Justice System Failed

Rape and Murder cases: Has Justice System Failed?

Rape and murder cases are often reported but the perpetrators are exonerated or are released on bail. Has Justice System Failed in the country? The government must amend the laws to award exemplary punishment to rapists and murderers Public Opinion Rapes and murders have become a common thing in our society as such incidents are […]

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Chotiari Dam – A Neglected Tourist Resort of Sindh-5

Chotiari Dam – A Neglected Tourist Resort of Sindh

Chotiari Dam is a neglected tourist resort of Sindh located in Sanghar district, which is deemed as a wonderland of Sindh having a unique ecosystem consisting of six natural lakes namely Akanwari, Tajar, Phuleli, Seri, Sao Naro and Baqar lake. This beautiful place rich in natural beauty is devoid of all the basic facilities. Public […]

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