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Thar Children Parliament Holds Session

Thar Children Parliament Holds Session
Group photo of Thar Children Parliament with former Senator Eng. Gianchand

Former Senator Gianchand and Advocate Hajiani Lanju briefed the members on parliamentary system and legal rights of women and children    

By GR Junejo

Mithi, Tharparkar: Some 50 students from 13 schools participated in Thar Children Parliament held here on Saturday and exchanged views on children and women’s rights situation prevailing in desert district of Tharparkar.

Sojal Kumar Malhi, the Deputy Speaker of the Children Parliament, presided over the session held at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Complex Mithi.

The parliament members raised issues of shortage of schools and closed girls’ schools in Tharparkar. They also discussed education situation prevailing after spread of covid-19.

Thar Children Parliament Holds Session- Sindh-Courier-2Thar Children Parliament Holds Session- Sindh-Courier-3Former Senator and District President of Pakistan People’s Party Engineer Gianchand specially attended the session and briefed the members of Children Parliament on parliamentary democratic system and the working of National Assembly and the Senate, process of legislation and the election of members of two houses – National Assembly and the Senate.

Gianchand lauded organizing the children parliament and said such activities will help develop leadership qualities in children.

Advocate Hajiani Lanju while addressing the children parliament, briefed the members about the legal rights of children and women.

Yoraj Balani, Rohit Sharma, Muskan, Dost Muhammad and other members of parliament also spoke. Sarang Ram, Coordinator of Thar Education Alliance, Sundar Kothari, Mariyam Siddiqa, Marvi Pali, Vinod Sharma and others were present.