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THE GIRL OF ROME – Poetry from Vietnam

Poet Le Trien, hailing from the land of Blue Dragon, shares his six poems

When you go, the afternoon follows

Eyes as blue as the sky

What to send in the dark night?

Dreams in a foreign land

Suddenly searching around like a fool…

Le Trien


Where are you going in such a hurry?

Hey, the girl of Rome

Please stop for a moment

To help me the way back!


When you go, the afternoon follows

Eyes as blue as the sky

What to send in the dark night?

Dreams in a foreign land

Suddenly searching around like a fool…

(Rome – Italy, in the night of September 4th, 2005)


Came back from a long trip

On To Hieu Street, the coffee shop was still there

Dead leaves in the late autumn fell all over the alley

The wind blew to call out the winter…

You were still the same, leaning on the door

Counted the time, your eyes were filled with longing.


I spent many nights on the lovely Seine,

In the midst of Paris full of splendor,

The Eiffel Tower was splendid with lights.

The girl from the West with blue eyes, like the color of the sea…

Goodbye to all the places I used to go

I came back to the Red River

Hoan Kiem Lake, Thang Long…

Came back to the person who made my heart clap like sea waves

Dimples to warm the days far away!

(Paris, September 10th, 2005)


The dry branches cut across the afternoon clouds

The wind blew

Followed the Thao River and blew

Some rarely stars flashed turquoise

I’m back home!


The alluvial seed this season was having a sweet dream

Forever attracted to you

In every earth breathe

You were like the sand of the river

Got thirsty

Drought season

I hoped it all rains!

In the winter, I held you in my arms

My coat was like a hot stove of the vagrant

You smelled the scent

The scent of Australia’s forest in my coat

The distance was deep in the eyes

Brought it back to you

Sunshine in the green steppe!


You and I

Pulled back time from white hair to the young black hair

Held the space and anchored to the two ends of the crescent moon

Blew it frenzy!

Burst into flames into millions of flowers.

I’m back home

From there so far

The fire just ignited on the flight path


Looked into your eyes

So warm

You saw

Through my chest

Gray clouds gradually disappeared!!!



There was nothing left

To the end of the road

It just remembered


I missed you


Noisy Street

But looked like waves

Pushed the shore

From the sea.


You asked me:

Why is the heart so small?

But divided into too many compartments

So, which way for the sea?

When you asked me

I asked myself again

Why am I walking in the street?

But my soul is remembering the sea?

Hey the sea! Will the waves stopped

To let me forget you…


I was like a piece of the Moon

By the time

More defects, less roundness

Sometimes I were searching for

But you didn’t see the Moon.

Still missed you

Nostalgia of the deep sea

Still grumbled

The two ends of the Moon and the Sea

To made

Tidal waters.


I was precarious

It was afternoon winter in the city

Carried this nostalgia

One more time

No alcohol but still drunk…


That was it, at the end of the day in the airport

You came back in my dream

I followed these clouds to the strange horizon

Vast grasslands green forests

There was “the sound of birds singing in the bushes

All river flew.”

The kangaroo flocks were hide in the green bushes

Clear sky, friendly people

Australia – the dream of many people!


In here, earth and heaven almost the same

Who he is afraid of the real world rarely dreams of the heaven

Walked under the Australia sky from the depths

Poor you, the woman who just “passed through the autumn”

Bore the sadness “Moon split in two”

Haunted the fate that once burned out

For the summer in the highland

Still the wild sunflowers

A patch of golden sunshine beside the valley of love

The years would pass and the autumns disappeared

So now the spring buds began again…


Black hair was no longer black

The color changed so quickly

The streets dyed so quickly

Surprised to meet the brown again


There was no more locust black

Smelled the scent of grapefruit

All year round, you used rain water to wash

Floated like a floating cloud


Where was that long hair?

The canopy was tilted to cover two people

Just went far away

Your charming dropped for a lifetime!


There was still the river of childhood

Doan harbor – Hien Quan was still there

Thao River had been dried and flooded in many seasons

It still flown in me everyday


The rain and sun made it change

Black hair – hey black hair!


Poet Le Trien - Sindh CourierPoet Le Trien, hailing from Thanh Minh, Phu Tho town, Phu Tho province (Vietnam), now he is living in Cau Giay district, Hanoi city and Melbourne, Australia. He is a member of Vietnam Writers’ Association and Hanoi Writers’ Association. His published literary works are: First flood of the season (poems); Black hair (poems); Unseasonal rain (poems).




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