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The Guide – A Poem from India

Afzal Sajjad Zafir shares his latest poem

You might not need me in advanced technology, your tech may translate, but it won’t transcend the beauty of monument, it won’t give you a beautiful moment, not while I guide you through lost civilization, through forgotten culture.

Afzal Sajjad Zafir

Afzal Sajjad Zafir is a young emerging poet from India. He’s graduate in Accounting and Finance. He has been writing poems for 6 years. Peace, love and hope are main themes of his poetry. His poetry is inspired by many Eastern poets including Hafiz Sheerazi, Rumi, Shamsi and Allama Iqbal.


The Guide

You might not have need of me,

In advanced technology

Your tech may translate

But it won’t transcend

The beauty of monument,

It won’t give you a beautiful moment,

Not while I guide you,

Through lost civilization,

Through forgotten culture

You might not fall in love

With a moment

Without my presence

I may be old fashioned

Not obsolete.

I may make you

Fall in love

With outdated stuff

Even me!



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